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Pokemon Genessian Region Scavenger Hunt

Pokemon Genessian Region Scavenger Hunt

ALL WINNERS HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED. You may still participate ICly but the first three with correct answers have claimed!

ICly: This scavenger hunt is done with info cards that have been hidden around the city! The cards are laminated, so they'll weather anything for the day. Your character must collect all 15 items around town and you can play that out however you would like. If they don't understand or don't know the clue, they can ask around town to learn about the Pokemon world and hopefully figure out the answers!

OOCly: This scavenger hunt is actually more for the players! Solve the clues below in order to know what word you're looking for, then find it somewhere in the OOC pages. They will be hidden on pages that are linked through the navigation page only. There may be more than one per page or there may not be one on a page. If it's a page not linked there, don't worry about it. The first three players to correctly solve and find each clue will be the winner. (You must state which page it was on in order to get credit for finding it.) The scavenger hunt entry post will be screened so that no one can cheat off of each other.
This game is meant to be fair to all participants, so please do not share answers with other players until three winners are declared. If we find out that players have shared answers, the offending players will be disqualified.

Once we have three winners, we'll unscreen the comments and close the contest- though you're more than welcome to thread out your characters looking for the items still and just not making it back in time.

1. A Pokemon team whose logo is represented by the Legendary Bird Zapdos.
2. A Pokemon team that values training and strength.
3. A Pokemon team with a leader who studies evolution and uses calm analysis.
4. The OG enemies of Pokemon trainers, lead by Giovanni.
5. This team wanted to awaken a Pokemon called Groudon, a Pokemon with the ability to expand continents.
6. This is used to catch Pokemon that evolve using the Moon Stone.
7. This Pokemon appears to be a glitch of some kind from the Kanto region... you probably don't want to encounter it and you definitely don't want to catch it.
8. There were once rumors that you could find Mew if only you could move this...
9. The second Pokemon region discovered.
10. This is an item specially meant for Chansey! It increases Chansey's critical hit ratio.
11. You can use this long, durable item to escape from any cave or dungeon.
12. This kind of berry raises special attack when a Pokemon's HP is low.
13. Sycamore sent this to a Pokemon trainer's mom once... it smells like perfume?
14. A fossil of an ancient Pokemon. It looks like it's part of a wing. I wonder what kind of fossil this is?
15. This is an item used to collect information on Pokemon and send it back to your local professor for research. Not to be confused with your new PokeFit!
(screened comment)
(screened comment)
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Sorry about that, I'm doing it properly this time

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1. Team Instinct
- Getting Started, point 9
2. Team Valor
- The Plot So Far, underneath the paragraph regarding Everglade's Pendant Key
3. Team Mystic
- Settings Post, near the bottom
4. Team Rocket
- The Plot So Far, last paragraph
5. Team Magma
- Mod Contact Page
6. Moon Ball
- Premise, Welcome to Genessia
7. Missingno. (Missing Number)
- FAQ, regarding How's My Driving
8. S. S. Anne Truck. The Truck on the shore by the S.S. Anne in Vermillion City
- Plot Suggestions & Submissions, INSIDE THE PLOT FORM (that is evil, Tay)
9. Johto
- FAQ, regarding Playable Characters
10. Lucky Punch
- Taken Characters Page
11. Escape Rope
- Employment Page, Superscript Note 1
12. Petaya Berry
- Housing Page, listed under The Matisse
13. Prof's Letter. A Letter of Introduction (starting Gen VI trainer's journey). Mom assumed it was a love letter.
- Player Contact List
14. Plume Fossil
- FAQ, regarding Elections being held in June and December
15. Pokédex
- OOC Comm, Events Post
Edited (FINALLY FOUND THEM ALL, editing for details because it'd bother me otherwise) 2017-03-25 02:11 (UTC)
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1. INSTINCT - How to Get Started (in "9. Your character will need a job to support themselves.")
2. VALOR - The Plot So Far (paragraph starting with "In the aftermath,")
3. MYSTIC - Setting (after "Reply to this post with the correct form:")
4. ROCKET - The Plot So Far (last paragraph starting with "Citizens and City Guardians work endlessly")
5. MAGMA - Mod Contact.
6. MOON BALL - Premise (Under "Welcome to Genessia")
7. MISSINGNO - Rules/FAQs (Under "How's My Driving?")
8. TRUCK - Plot Suggestions & Submissions
9. JOHTO - Rules/FAQs (Under "What types of characters are considered "playable characters"?")
10. LUCKY PUNCH - Taken Characters
11. ESCAPE ROPE - Employment
12. PETAYA BERRY - Housing
13. PROFESSOR'S LETTER - Player Contact List (paragraph starting with "After your character has been added to the taken list,")
14. PLUME FOSSIL - Rules/FAQs (Under "What's a City Guardian?")
15. POKEDEX - genessia_ooc (under Current Events) TRICKY BASTARD
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[personal profile] beauty_burns_gold 2017-03-25 02:20 am (UTC)(link)
1) Instinct on the How to get Started Page
2) Valor on the Plot So Far Page
3) Mystic on the Settings Page
4) Rocket on the Plot so Far Page
5) Magma on the Mod Contact Page
6) Moon Ball on the Premise Page
7) MISSINGNO on the Rules/FAQ page
8) S. S. Anne Truck on Plot Suggestions and Submissions page plot form
9)Johto on the Rules/FAQ page
10) Lucky Punch in the Taken Page
11) Escape Rope on the Employment Page
12) Petaya Berry on the Housing Page
13) Professor's Letter on the Player Contact Page
14) Plume Fossil on the Rules/FAQ page
15) Pokedex on the Current Events page in the Genessia OOC page