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FAQ - Activity & Dropping

But with no activity checks or applications, aren't you worried about quality control or people who would abuse the system?
Honestly? Nope! We're optimistic that way, and trust people will play just because it's fun, and accept that other people are here for the same reasons. If problems do arise, they'll be dealt with on a case-by-case basis rather than setting up all-encompassing restrictions. As such, we ask that you please drop a character you don't want to play rather than idling out, and that you do play a character as if from canon rather than an altered fanfic version of that character. We know you won't let us down!

You mentioned an activity check-in. What's the difference between that and a regular activity check?
An Activity Check-In is a month-long check-in that only requires you to poke your head in, list your characters you are interested in keeping, and reply to the check-in post with that information. It is done to clear out characters who have idled out with the assumption that if you are in the game, you are going to check at some point during the month. Multiple reminders will be posted via the OOC comm and our Plurk at [ profile] genessia, the check-in will be at the top of the OOC community while it is active, and a warning list will be posted when there is 7 days left of the check-in. No proofs of activity will be required, simply a statement that you are still playing at the game including your name and the names of your characters. At the end of a Check-In month, anyone who does not check-in will be removed from the game. If you simply forgot, there is no penalty if you want to re-add yourself, it'll be the same ooc process of just joining the game again. The only exception is if you are found having had little to no activity for an entire ACI period (4 months), at which point you may be asked to provide proof of activity for the next ACI. You will be contacted if this is the case.

What happens if I drop from the game or idle out?
If a player exits the game through the proper channels before leaving, the player has the option of the character ICly meets an unfortunate, mysterious, and/or sticky end which may or may not occur on-screen or simply having their character ejected from Genessia. If they are dropped by missing an activity check-in or do not wish to have a specific end for their character, they will simply mysteriously disappear from the game.

I dropped, but now I want to come back. How should that be reflected ICly?
If a player wants to retain a character's CR after dropping the game and returning at a later date, contact a mod. We can either arrange a mundane reason for the absence, or a secret plot thing. If you want to regain your character after one of the previously mentioned sticky ends, then you either will need to have your character lose their memory of their previous time here at the game or come up with a cool plot that shows how they got out of that. If you need some ideas, feel free to contact a moderator for help!

The previous player of my character dropped and killed off my character when they did so. Am I still allowed to play that character?
Yes. Your character will not have any memory of the incident and while other characters may remember the incident, you are not required to address it. If you specifically would like to request that characters not recognize yours from the player before you's previous CR, please make a note of it in your OOC intro so that everyone knows and it will be considered no longer a part of the rp's game-canon.