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FAQ - Characters

What types of characters are considered "playable characters"?
We've had a large number of questions and disputes about what constitutes a playable character, so here are the guidelines that the mods are looking at:

-Canon must have been released for at least one week before they are playable. This includes canon updates to current points in series.
-Character must have sufficient lines to have a clear personality and identifiable characteristics.
-If the character is from an ongoing series, you must put spoiler warnings on each post for at least a month after the last day of the given spoiler.
- If the character is a fandom OC, you must have the approval of all current cast members to join.
-CRAU (also known as "game imports") must be from an existing DW/IJ/LJ game. You cannot take CRAU from PSLs, museboxes, memes, or dressing rooms. Which game you are taking them from has been added to the taken list comment as of October 27th, 2016.

If your character does not meet these requirements, please do not add them to the game. If you aren't sure, please ask a mod before commenting the taken list. We have also updated the taken list to allow for you to identify your characters as fandom OCs, CRAUs, or AUs more clearly.

What characters am I not allowed to play here?
-You can't play a character from a hentai/porn source, no matter how good or interesting that character is. (If the series happens to have sex in it, that's fine, but it should not be straight up porn.)
-You must apply from an established and published source. This excludes games available only via download and a majority of webcomics. If you can hold the product in your hand (a book, DVD, game, etc.), it's allowable. If you're unsure, ask a mod.
-Fandom OCs that have anything to do with the actual characters from the fandom. Fandom OCs cannot be related to any existing characters nor can they have secretly been involved in the plot all along. Additionally, we ask that if you are bringing a fandom OC into an established cast that you ask permission from the players of those cast members first.
-AU versions of characters that are not presented in-canon. So if you wanted to play vampire!Willow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), that's acceptable, or Exposed!Future Gabriel from Costa Verde (Heroes) that's also fine. But if you want to play AU!Magneto who runs a bar and just wants to get girls, that would be considered OOC and would not be allowed.

Are duplicate characters allowed?
Yes and no. There cannot be three main storyline Zachary Quinto Spocks from Star Trek (2009). However, if there is a canon-AU and a canon-main storyline within a series, such as in the Star Trek (2009) films, both of the characters would be available to play. In this example, Leonard Nimoy old!Spock and Zachary Quinto young!Spock would be considered both playable in Genessia. The same would be for a character like Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer- vampire!Willow from The Wish can exist as a character and so can Willow from the main storyline. We are only accepting one AU version of a character at a time for now. Duplicates from different series are allowed. So if someone wanted to play Tidus from FFX and Tidus from KH, both would be allowed in the game because they are considered separate characters.

What if a person's CR from one game conflicts with a person's CR from a different game?
This issue can be a tricky one. Ultimately, all players with characters affected in this manner should be in agreement as to what CR is or is not retained. This is similar to fourth-walling, and should be treated as such. Don't do it without the other player's permission. If you do not have that permission, the character will just mysteriously forget about it.

I want to play two characters from the same series. Is this allowed?
Yes, provided that the characters would not ICly need to interact. If you wanted to play both Brennan and Angela from the TV series Bones, that would not be allowed. However, if you wanted to play Brennan and Avalon (Angela's psychic who Brennan doesn't care for and barely interacts with unless unavoidable), you could probably get away with it. If you are still uncertain, ask a mod.

Are there any age limit restrictions for characters?
Not in particular, but they should be capable of forming sentences and be of an age where they can transport themselves independently. Sorry, but you can't play a baby. Kids are allowed though.

What is the policy for characters with "split personalities"?
If the two personalities are considered different actual people (like Dark and Daisuke from D.N.Angel or Yugi and Yami from Yu-Gi-Oh) then they would be considered two different characters and would need to be applied for separately, as they can interact with each other. However, if the personalities are the same person effectively (like Nikki and Jessica from Heroes or Akito and Agito from Air Gear) then they are considered one singular character. If you are unsure, please ask a moderator.

Do you power-nerf here?
A general no, though omniscience and omnipotence would be the only exceptions. Your character would still be able to have some of their power in that case, but please discuss it with a moderator. (Obviously your character can't walk in and just know the entire plot of the game and solve it bc, hey, omnipotentscience.) Otherwise, just respect all the other game info and you're good.

Can I change my character's journal?
Sure, just make sure to reply to the taken list with the updated information from your original journal to let us know.

Can I use an open ID account to RP here?
We ask that our game members use a Dreamwidth account.