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FAQ - Getting Started

Where does my character start?
The Bay. See the Setting page for more details as to what each character receives upon arrival.

Is there a map?
A map has been provided for Genessia City, which can be viewed from the Setting page. Due to the varying and sprawling nature of the satellite cities, there is no map for these districts, but we have tried to provide as much detail as necessary while allowing for players to take some liberties with what they see and encounter. If you want to see an additional place added to the Genessia City map, please request its addition on the settings page in a comment so that it can be added to the setting officially. This includes characters' businesses, but you may also add other locations subject to mod approval. Please remember that new locations should fit the setting of the city you would like to add it to, so if you want to add a blacksmith it would go in Fayren versus hover go-karts would go in Nova City.

Do characters have a place to live when they arrive?
Yes! Characters are given a key upon arrival to the Genessia Commonspace, a small studio-only apartment complex. It is not a fancy living space, it's a 10x10 studio with a communal bathroom. The studio has a mini fridge with a microwave on top of it, a bed, an end table, a mirror, and a small closet.

This housing will not cost any money. Pets are not allowed, one person per room, and the walls are not exactly thick or soundproofed so characters probably don't want to get up to shenanigans in them. Because everyone will get a room, your character will not be assigned a room number and you will simply have to assume one. There is no internet or cable, but it is very clean and there are no bugs or wear/tear as it is a shiny new and well upkept building. This isn't intended to be a permanent residence for anyone, which is why it's uncomfortable-- but at least it will keep characters from being homeless/assumed homeless until they get a job or someone else to mooch off of! If your character tries to stay more than one month, they will be evicted, so please be sure to get your character a job on the Employment page to pay for a place to stay on the Housing Page as soon as possible.

I noticed everything seems to be human-sized. What if I want to app someone bigger than that, like a Transformer?
They'll have a harder time of it ICly, but it's certainly not impossible for such a character to be played in the game. The Bay and the Archways are all big enough for Transformers to fit through, and they could probably get their needs fulfilled in Nova City or by sacrificing part of themselves to establish an Archway to Cybertron or their version of Earth. A parking garage can always be set up in Genessia City, too.

What does my character have with them upon arrival?
Anything that was on your character's person is fine as long as it isn't against any other rules and it can fit in the pod. If your character is taking from a canonpoint that they were riding a robotic t-rex, for example, that would not fit in the pod. Your character cannot arrive with a robot t-rex. Weapons are allowed, as long as they are not larger than the character arriving. If you aren't sure, ask a mod!

Can my character bring a pet with them upon arrival?
That depends. If the character would have the pet on them and the pet is small enough to fit into a pod, yes. This means like hamsters that live in pockets or rabbits that live in hats- things like those are fine. However, if you want to bring your character's favorite championship stallion Fernando or 101 dalmatians, no. You also cannot bring any talking animals. If the pet is appable as a character, then no you cannot bring it. There are other ways to re-obtain larger pets that you can reference here.

If your character would like to get a new pet, there are various strays around the cities of your standard pets of cats, dogs, birds, etc. There are a number of animals in the forests of Fayren as well, though they are more wild and less likely to be tamed. Typical farm animals like horses, pigs, sheep, and so on can be found in Fayren, a city which has technology levels that rely more on traditional farming and transportation methods.

My character's supernatural powers allow them to summon Personas/aeons/demons/heartless/nobodies/whatever. Can they still summon them here?
Yes, as long as they do not require an item to summon that could not fit in the pods with them (unless they obtained it in-game) AND they are not a character that would be playable.

So about those language barriers...?
For some WONDERFUL reason, everyone speaks the same language automatically! YAY! This doesn't mean they can't speak their native language any longer; they can. It's as if everyone picked up a bonus language that everyone else understands, in addition to whatever else they already speak.

I want to bring in a character at a canon point that they are injured, mortally wounded, dead or dying. Is this allowed?
Yes, they can arrive injured. Characters who are dead in their series will arrive perfectly healthy if you take them from that canon point, but if you take them from a canon point while they are dying they will be healed up to a point where they will survive with medical care. Basically, no dead bodies in the Bay.