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FAQ - Archways & Subarchways

What are archways?
Archways are essentially the means of travel between cities. There are 4 set archways that lead to the four cities of Attleton, Nova City, Everglade, and Fayren. If your character wants to pass from Genessia City into Everglade, they have to pass through an archway.

What kind of technology do the cities have?
About what you'd expect from each era. Magic is prominent in the fantasy realm of Fayren, but technology is fairly primitive. The reverse is true for the sci-fi area of Nova City. Both Attleton and Everglade have technology comparable to what we have on modern-day earth. Genessia City's technology is also similar to modern-day earth, but slightly more advanced, particularly at the hospital and the Dream Dock.

What is medical technology like in each of the subarchways?
It approximately matches the availability that would be in the setting itself. Everglade's might be slightly more archaic (think Victorian England) and Fayren's is going to be heavily magic, apothecaries and herbs and so on, Nova City's is going to be very advanced and anyone with a job has health insurance, Genessia City is going to be like modern-times with all the fixtures, and Attleton would be like a small town clinic sort of situation.

Because information Nova City's advanced technology has been requested, here's a bit on some of their cool products:
-The Immuno Experience, a scented experience shop that sells cologne and perfumes containing nanites that enter the body. Nanites detect species and then communicate with the brain to tell it to develop the appropriate immune response for the disease on the label of the scent you buy. Scents are available in normal perfume and cologne scents so that no one knows your medical business and you smell great for that party, business dinner, or date you've already had planned that night. Nanites only contain enough power for 24 hours, so they are flushed out of your system within a day. Have allergies? Try our new allergy-preventative eau de toilette!

-In emergencies, please go to the hospital for emergency high-pressure medical vapor decontamination. Characters will be placed into a room with high-heat steam that contains the medicine and is absorbed through the body. This is a more expensive process because it's essentially a stronger and faster-acting version (with less frills) than the perfumes for emergencies only. It already contains anti-allergen medications to prevent reactions in the chamber, which is part of the higher cost.

-Surgical recharging nanite systems are also available for purchase for a significant fee, though are designed for those who are considered in frequent danger of damage. They are made to inhabit vehicles and repair damage to anyone within the vehicle's range to minimum stabilization, for emergencies only. It is still recommended that you see an actual doctor, but they'll keep you alive in emergencies if you've got the money to afford them.

What are the travel times to get from location to location in Genessia?
Feel free to assume that 1 block = 1.5 minutes if your character walks quickly and 2 minutes if your character walks slowly. Nova City is a huge metropolis, so it will take longer to get to the end of Nova City than it would to the end of Attleton. Everglade is about the size of a small city. Fayren's city area is about the same as Everglade, though Fayren has vast natural areas including forests and mountains that may take days to traverse by foot if going in a straight line. We don't want to set super-intense limits on how much time it would take, especially since there are characters with super speed or flight or teleportation, but this is an approximation based on average walking speeds to help as a reference! There are ways to get from subarchway to subarchway much more quickly however, thanks to an in-game player character development called the WayPoints system.

What is Project Ways and the Ways Point system?
"Project Ways" is a dual quick-travel and criminal tracking alert system that is accessible to anyone via one of the readily available tower devices. It's an effort between Weiss Schnee and Aster Technology that allows a fully-tested teleportation technology to move users from one tower to the other in a matter of only a few seconds. Aster Technology's tech was distributed into multiple archways by pendant-holding employees of Schnee Company under Weiss's direction before she left the company.

Each city contains a Ways Point located just inside the gates to make quick travel across subarchways accessible. There is one Ways Point tower on the Genessia City side and on the inside of each subarchway, which means going from Fayren to Nova City would take only a few seconds instead of the full walk. In addition to at the archway gates, there are Ways Points in front of the City Guardian offices in each city in order to allow rapid response to emergencies.

Ways Points activate using user data from devices. No data is retained unless the user is flagged by the local City Guardian's office as a wanted criminal. While those with past records may still use the system, active or wanted criminals will effectively shut down the system until they are out of usage range and send a notification to the City Guardian's office that includes the name of the criminal and which Ways Point they were in range of. This prevents the Ways Points from becoming quick escape routes during law enforcement pursuits as well as offers monitoring at the subarchway gates and throughout town. While it can't detect anyone if they leave their devices at home, anyone within a 15 foot range of the Ways Point is in range for a scan and users cannot use the Ways Points without their device. If your characters gets flagged by the system, please contact the City Guardian for the city they were flagged in.

What are subarchways?
The four cities also have additional archways called "subarchways." Subarchways lead to worlds from the characters canons. These do not lead to the original worlds that the characters are from, but to a single location that was paid for by the character who opened to it. It is essentially a clone of the canon location, generated from the character's memories plus fact-checking for accuracy. It does not change if the character's memories change. If your character wants to know what subarchways are currently active in-game, they can ask the CPU for a list!

How do you open a subarchway?
A character may request to see their own world again by making a sacrifice and giving up something of personal importance to him or her. Once the sacrifice is made, a subarchway will be opened up in the satellite city pertaining to the color of stone reflected in the character's necklace. The subarchway will lead to one particular city -- travel beyond this city will not be possible through conventional means. You can assume that instructions for opening a subarchway are mentioned in the welcome brochure characters receive upon arrival. To do it officially, you need to add the subarchway on the setting page using the form at the bottom of the page.

What's the subarchway like from the inside?
The city accessible through the subarchway will be exactly the way the establishing character left it, with the same people in place, and the same events playing out. A player (not the character) may choose to have time flow at a different or variable rate if they wish. Characters with necklaces may travel through the subarchways at their leisure, but those without necklaces cannot pass through unless escorted. If NPC's from someone's subarchway are killed or otherwise ruined beyond sanity or recognition, they will regenerate within the subarchway as if nothing ever happened, retaining no memories of the events that affected them so strongly.

What if creating a subarchway results in my character wanting to stay home forever?
The game probably won't be a whole lot of fun, will it? The mods will sometimes have little things for your character to find in an established subarchway, but in general, the amount of CR a character does or does not get is up to the player, not the mods.

Suppose two characters are from different sources or points in time. What if they both want to create the same city?
It's allowed. Just keep in mind that there's a price to be paid, so you may not want to do this unless your character needs something specific from that different timeline or the timelines are vastly different (like post-apocalypse and pre-apocalypse, for example). Additionally, if a character opens a subarchway in one timeline then is canon updated to another, the subarchway will remain as-is from when it was erected unless your character pays an additional price to open the new archway in its stead. The same character cannot open multiple timeline variance subarchways.

What happens to a subarchway if the founding character drops?
It remains as long as there is someone from the canon present in the game. Subarchways are semi-permanent, and can be explored by any other characters active in the game. However, if there is no one from the canon presently in the game, then the archway will close. It is already paid for, however, so if a character from the series appears in the game it will be reactivated without additional payment unless otherwise requested by the player from that series. The only exceptions to this would be generic modern-world subarchways like "New York City" provided they are not from a specific time period and/or the world isn't massively different from the real world city. If access to a subarchway is closed, the CPU will give a warning about three days in advance of the subarchway being closed. Any items obtained from the subarchway by characters may be kept, though they will need to find an alternate storage space, and the three days gives characters living in the archway time to move out if they were staying there.

What happens if my character tries to exit the game area without heading into another archway?
If your character tries to leave one of the city limits, they will reach an invisible field, but it isn't a normal forcefield. If they touch the field for more than a few seconds it'll start to feel like the character is being drained both physically and emotionally. If they hold on for more than a minute, they'll fall unconscious, and wake up in the hospital. This will happen regardless of what species the character is or abilities the character has.

What can be seen beyond the city limits?
It depends what part of the world you're in! One thing that all of the views have in common is that they will not be able to see any people or animals.

In Fayren it will be mostly mountains and forests, and more ocean the way of the sea. In Attleton, there are bright grassy fields and other small towns in the distance. Nova City just seems to have more high-tech cities next to it, though there never seem to be people close enough to contact even if they yell. Everglade typically has a heavy fog surrounding the area, so it may be difficult to see anything more than 20 feet out.

What forms of transportation are available in each archway?
Each archway has transportation forms appropriate to the genre it's from. Want a hover bike? You're going to want to go to Nova City. Looking for a horse? Check out Fayren! Modern cars, Vespas, and motorcycles are most likely found in Genessia, and Attleton will be a little more cars, segues, skateboards, and bicycle-oriented. Looking for something a little more old fashioned? Everglade will have more of the old-timey and classic cars you might've seen in black and white films. If you aren't sure, feel free to ask a moderator, but we will trust your judgment. Please be aware that if the transportation requires a license, your character will need to get a license in game (please handwave this but acknowledge if your character needs to learn to drive/ride/whatever first). If there is a character offering a service in-game to teach people how to ride horseback or drive cars or how to Ski Doo or whatever, feel free to contact them about getting your character into it. There is an airport in Nova City and some of the subarchways in various cities, but they seem to be perpetually closed. Mostly because the planes seem to be missing.

Additionally, if your character can teleport, they may do that within the city! You cannot teleport through archway gates or outside of the barriers, however.

How tall are the archway and subarchway gates?
The gates between archways and subarchways are about 10 meters tall. The cities themselves have a much higher 'ceiling' when it comes to the barrier, however, going several miles up before a character would hit the barrier.

What educational opportunities are available in the subarchways?
There are different schools and universities available throughout the game. Attleton, Genessia, and Nova all have standard K-12 programs. Attleton and Nova City have higher education opportunities available. (Go Attleton University Space Cowboys!) Attleton's majors are heavily liberal arts, but they have a wide variety available. Nova City used to have a Trade Academy before it was destroyed, but still has colleges with a heavy emphasis on STEM. It also has graduate schools in a number of programs that fit the sci-fi genre, such as robotics, engineering, astronomy, and so on. Genessia City has a community college with a range of majors available up through bachelor's degrees. Fayren's education is a non-standard style that fits with the genre. Many educational opportunities in Fayren are through apprenticeships and private teachers for those who can afford them, though if you are interested in magic there are often instructors available at the Ivory Tower. Everglade's educational system is very strict. Think Catholic school with less religion and more werewolves. Once you get into higher education in Everglade, however, it's a little more like Hogwarts except the monsters are your classmates.

What are closed/inactive subarchways still doing on the settings page?
Inactive gateways disappear from the world until they are made active again, essentially to keep the door closed for the characters' safety. Without a tether to the world (a character from the series) the subarchways close in order to help maintain the world's stability. The CPU will do this automatically when the last character from a series with a subarchway drops, but once the price is paid, the price is paid and the subarchway can't be closed except in the circumstances in the next question.

Can you destroy a subarchway?
If you are the "owner" of the subarchway, yes. (The owner is the person who created the subarchway or, if the original owner leaves it to someone upon leaving utilizing the Will and Testament building, it will transfer to a new owner.) Subarchways will automatically disappear if there is no one from that world (canon) to "tether" it to, but the only ones who can close it while there is are the person who is the owner. The price of subarchways cannot be refunded whether they are closed or not. The only way to regain sacrifices is via charms. If a character is inside of a subarchway when it closes, they will die and wake up in a hospital.

That said, if you want to go around with a jackhammer no one is stopping you except law enforcement and whoever you're going to really upset by doing so. Please discuss this with any players who would be affected before doing so.

I want my beach episode. What bodies of water are available in the archways?
There are some, of varying quality, in all of the main archways. Subarchways are largely dependent on where they are a subarchway for, so please look into the subarchways themselves for answers regarding those. The main cities however have the following.

Genessia City: The Bay.

Attleton: Public pools.

Fayren: Underground waterway, rivers going to the beach and through the forest, a large lake (though it does have varying types of water fairies residing in it, so you'd do best not to anger them), a beach and an ocean (you can travel a fair ways on the water but will eventually run into the barrier out that way as well).

Everglade: It has a lot of spooky marshy water that's always covered in fog. There are a few caves toward the end of the city area that the water goes into as well. It's very, very cold and not recommended for swimming.

Nova City: A man-made waterway that goes through the center of the city. Its water is glittering and beautiful, pure enough to drink, but doesn't appear to have any fish in it.

Is there a listing of current laws for each archway?
No, we don't have a list for the current laws because we aren't lawyers and nobody got time for that. The laws for each city are the same basic laws that every civilized society typically uses unless otherwise noted on the settings page for that city. If you are wondering if something specific is against the law in a certain city, you can ask.

My character is magical or can scan things what will they find if they scan/magic sense/look at the aura of/whatever the subarchway?
The subarchways are not actually magic, so it probably wouldn't do very much! They are replicas of the space generated from the memories of the person who created the subarchway. It may not feel artificial in anyway except that the NPCs clearly do not possess souls if he has the capability to detect that. A character would only be able to detect souls in people with pendants. If your character is scanning with technology, it would just be like scanning a regular version of the object. A box is still a box.

What information will the CPU tell a character regarding subarchways?
The CPU will tell them that they exist and which city they are in, but will not generally perform a GoogleMaps task to tell you were it is. It will not tell you when they were made as many of the older archways have deleted comments from before the time of the current mods, so we don't even have access to that. (Sorry, lame OOC reason for that one.) It will not list inactive ones, but if information is requested about a specific inactive one it will provide the available information. If information is requested about the specific inactive one, it will include the place and the time as a point of reference for the content of the subarchway. If a character explores a lot, it's reasonable to assume they will find them eventually unless the entrance is explicitly stated as in a difficult-to-reach area. (So for example, the TV world subarchway from Persona in Attleton is heavily guarded to make sure no one can get in. Or if a subarchway is opened on private property, that might be hard to find/reach.) Who opened the archway is private, the NPCs don't know.

What is the door that looks like an archway gate behind the Bay?
That's a door that some know as a gate to some place called Wingate Creek. All that is currently known about Wingate Creek is that the door is locked and the Key Pendants for each city must be earned and used together in order to unlock it. No other information about Wingate Creek is known at this time and will not be shared outside of in-game events.

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