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FAQ - Devices/Network & the CPU

What does the network device look like and how does it work?
As of January 2016, the devices have received their newest update! The new devices are sleek and modern, equipped with video, voice, and texting capabilities. They also have text-to-voice and voice-to-text options for those who have difficulties texting or reading. The look of the devices are clear, but a character can give their device a tint of color if they like. The option itself is in the settings menu. Candy Crush Saga also comes pre-installed on all devices.

The new device is equipped with an advanced security system that shuts the devices down except for an emergency system when someone who does not have the correct DNA and memory sets for the owner of the device (as recorded by the CPU). This ensures that the device can only be accessed by its actual owner except when using the Emergency Broadcast Function. The Emergency Broadcast Function that can be used by anyone. The EBF can be activated by pressing and holding the “Emergency” key with your thumb. From there it will broadcast your device starting with the City Guardians. If none of them respond, then a minute or two later, the broadcast will be opened up and repeated to everyone that has a device. A preference can be set ahead of time so it will broadcast to friends or family first instead of the Guardians, but this is something that has to be setup in the options menu.

All devices are registered to the character that they belong to, this is done automatically. They can be replaced if broken, but a character can't have more than one device registered to them. If they try to register a second one, one or both devices will become nonfunctional. Characters also can't make posts from other characters devices. The other features can be used (Unless the device is Security Locked), but the posting feature will be locked and will only be unlocked in the hands of its owner.

The map feature has been updated to allow a person to broadcast their location to a single person at a time should they want to. There will be an icon that allows for sending of their location when they are speaking to someone. Where they are will appear on the map feature on the person that is receiving the location's device. But it's not a tracker. If the person leaves that location, the map feature won't show this in real time. The device can also speak directions if someone is having a hard time finding their way somewhere.

Characters can use the video screen to view video/text/voice posts similarly to how it would look on tumblr, the most recent entries being at the top and the 'posts' being playable or simply text. Posts may be toggled through with the arrows to see most recent and most relevant. Once a post is selected, the device goes into a live chat mode with the person who made the post. Threadhopping is considered as having your character jump into the livechat, as any conversation/recorded material is viewable unless the thread is made private, much like a livestream.

It goes without saying but any post labeled "Action" on the main comm does not appear on the devices. Any post that is labeled as "Video," "Voice" or "Audio," or "Text" is accessible via the network devices. Characters can also take and send each other pictures while in "Text" mode.

Additionally, while you will need to access your own device and the security will still stand, characters are fully capable of posting anonymously or choosing their own on-screen display name within the settings of the phone. It is defaulted to their full name unless otherwise changed by the character.

Hacking the CPU or the devices? Yay or nay?
Nay on the CPU, yay with a caveat on the devices. Please see the information about the devices (they are linked to DNA and memories) for information about their security features and contact a moderator if you have a character you firmly believe would be able to get past those. As for the CPU, we're going with no on this one. If your character tries, their device will be blocked out of the system and they'll have to purchase a new one. :(

Can characters view other conversations and past entries?
Sure thing for anything in the [community profile] genessia main comm, as long as they aren't marked private or action. IC inboxes are all considered private unless otherwise stated.

Do the devices have contact lists with all names registered to the network on it or do they have to find individual contacts? Is it possible to keep aliases in tact on the network?
If a person posts it will be under their name unless they post it anonymously. However, if they ask the CPU to change their display name temporarily, the CPU will likely cooperate. It will still be connected to their device, however, and they cannot post with the name of another character. So while Bill X might still be listed by the CPU as being present in Genessia (the CPU will always answer whether or not a specific person is still present in Genessia), he could post to the network as Smithers and not have it linked to his identity as Bill X.
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Using the CPU

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What caused the range of the barrier's effects to increase?

Is is possible to decrease it once more? If so, how?

How would one contact a specific spirit?
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TEN YEARS LATER pretend the cpu responded on time

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Unknown. It appears to be of technological influence but the source is not apparent.

Unknown. There is a significant probability that finding the technological influence would yield further answers.

The spirits are not contactable by residents under normal circumstances.
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JUST LIKE ME you mean

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What abnormal circumstances would allow a resident to contact a spirit.

When scanning for lifeforms, would a spirit be considered a positive entity?

[He enters in the coordinates of where he fell victim to the barrier's effects.] Were there any abnormal electromagnetic waves emitted in this area on the morning of May the 23rd?

((ooc: For your knowledge, he's looking for tech that might have emitted a radio wave that affected Kay's censors, thus explaining why organics and inorganics alike are affected.))
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If the spirits deemed it necessary to contact them.

Positive entity is too vague to be properly responded to. Define.

There was no abnormal activity during that time.
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Would a spirit be considered a "living" entity, if not in the traditional sense?

((ooc: I have no idea how to phrase this but like would he computer pick it up if it were scanning for life or life energy or something? Am I making any sense?))
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Yes, technically.
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Because I am dumb I have to ask.

It mentions memory sets are needed in as well as DNA to access the device but are the memory sets actually within the device or the CPU who had it recorded?