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What's this about the populace? How does that work?
For the sake of simplicity, we'll just say that all the cities are populated with NPCs. Sometimes you need lackeys, or someone to serve you a hamburger. Sometimes you want to go do something evil without having to screw over a player's character, or you want to go fight some monsters to keep your skills sharp. Well, there you go, NPC's are at the ready! Not only will you find NPCs in the five big cities, you'll also find them where applicable in the extra Archways that people have established. You can assume that characters who haven't been apped are present in the Archways, but interaction with them should be minimal and either summarized or done behind the scenes. Once a character is apped, the NPC version won't show up in that town anymore unless the character gets dropped.

Are the NPCs real people?
The NPCs are NOT REAL (though a character might not realize this), and are easily distinguished because they lack the necklaces that those called formally into Genessia were given. While the NPC's can't exit a town through an Archway, they can be escorted through as long as they're in contact with someone who possesses a necklace. They are unique in design however, and no two NPC's are alike unless they're twins. NPCs will match the genre for the subarchway they are in. (Nova will have a more superpowered/alien/robot/cyborg/etc. population- anything sci-fi related, Fayren will be more fantasy-style, and so on.)

Are the NPCs created by the spirits?

Do the NPCs act differently than "real" people do in any noticeable way?
They seem to act like normal people except that they don't have pendants/necklaces and that they cannot cross through cities without being escorted by someone who possesses one. If someone with the ability to sense souls/aura/chi/whatever you want to call it tries to sense theirs, they will not be able to sense one (anyone with a pendant would be sense-able).

Who plays the NPCs for bounties?
You can. If your character accepts a bounty, unless otherwise stated in a mod-posted bounty you are in charge of playing the NPC for that bounty based on the specs given in the bounty posting. If the bounty is for another player-character, then no you may not and you must go plot with the player-character in question. If it is a special mod NPC, then a mod will play the NPC and it will be noted in the posting.

What happens when NPCs get killed?
The ones in Genessia do not respawn typically, instead going to the following locations in each archway:
    Genessia: Genessia Hospital's Morgue- processed by medical examiner and taken away by official Genessian Undertakers, though they don't seem to have names or much in the way of talking.

    Attleton: Outsources its dead to Genessia, which has a bigger hospital.

    Nova City: Nova City Hospital Digital Analysis Morgue. Computers do the analysis, then the Genessian Undertakers come. (Same as Genessia.)

    Fayren: Fayren residents cremate bodies. There is no formal examination unless specifically requested by law enforcement.

    Everglade: Law enforcement gets the body first and may choose to send it to whoever they need- be it a spiritual leader or psychic or straight to the funeral home, then buried in one of Everglade's many graveyards.
This only applies for the NPCs within those cities, however. Subarchway NPCs will be regenerated within the subarchway if they are killed or irreparably harmed and will lose all memories of the event.

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