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FAQ - Deaths and Sacrifices

What happens when a character dies?
Their bodies dissolve within two hours, if nothing is done to revive them.

As of January 1st, character deaths will no longer dissolve as they previously have. The first character to die as of that date will be picked up by staff members that look like they came out of a Barbie case- far too perfect human beings, dressed in white scrubs lined with red. Each of the individuals doesn't seem to say anything no matter who speaks to them, but does seem to possess a pendant with all colors present in it. Because of the unexpected nature of this sudden change, it will take approximately three days before they appear for the first body so please keep that in mind if you plan on having the next non-drop character death.

If followed or seen, characters will be able to find them being taken to the Bay. A chamber in the Bay opens up and they go in. If they are followed, the character will run into a barrier similar to the ones that surround each of the cities. After the initial first death, it will only take about 6 hours for these scrub-glad people to appear and take the body away. They will only appear during the event of deaths, however, so any attempts to make them appear will depend on player decisions as will follow-up plots along this line. Please keep mods informed of anything your characters do out of the ordinary to try to interact with them from here on out, while remembering that they only appear when someone dies.

At that point, the character will see nothing but white, and will be required to sacrifice something important to them in order to receive a rejuvenated body and return to the city (they will wake up in one of the hospitals). If they refuse, the character is dropped from the game. The character themselves chooses the sacrifice as an IC decision. Genessia will not take anything without their permission.

My character died in canon and I want them to wake up here. Do I still need to have them pay a price to be revived?
No. Your character can wake up in the Bay either fully recovered, with their injuries healed to the point that they are not in a life-threatening situation, or you can have them dying and needing to call for help via the communicator. If you do that and have your character die after arriving, however, they will need to sacrifice something to be revived as they died within the world of Genessia.

When a character dies, does their network device respawn with them, and if so is it the same with all the history or does it reset?
The network device will be with them when they're revived unless it was damaged in the death event. For example: If the character drowned and their device got soaked, they have to buy a new one. The character's "account" is hooked to it though, so upon activating the new device, it will automatically upload the data much like a present-day cell phone does.

What sorts of things can a character sacrifice?
Anything, as long as it holds some importance to the character. It can be a memory, a personal belonging, a skill, an ability, etc. Please note that you can't give up something the character wouldn't mind getting rid of (such as memories of a disliked rival or villain), or something that can easily be replaced.

Is it possible for a character to regain something they sacrificed?
Yes, however there is only one method which is to gather four charms and make a wish.

Do characters collect scars in-game and what happens to those scars when they die?
You can have your character keep their scars and that would be the typical case, but if you would like your character to lose a game-gained scar, it may be repaired or visibly decreased during the revival process. This will only work for game-gained scars, not canon-gained scars. If your character needs/wants to get rid of a scar, there are healers in game that can likely assist with that and Nova City's technology is impressive enough to fix cosmetic damage- they don't need to die to get rid of scars if that's what the character wants. If a character dies and you want them to have a scar to remember it by, that's fine, though it will only be at the point where they died. (So if they're shot, there'll be a bullet scar if you'd like.) However, if their bodies are damaged too significantly for recovery they'll be refreshed entirely (so if they're burned to death, they won't have burn scars all over their body and any other scars they gained in game might disappear as well).

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