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FAQ - Charms and Wishes

What is a Charm Quest?
A charm quest is essentially a small event in which characters participate and can receive a reward for doing so extremely well. Many charm quests will have multiple winners, though some will only have one or two. The point of charm quests is to gather charms, which can be exchanged for wishes.

What do the charms look like?
Charms appear to be very literal charms that fit on the chain of the pendant each character receives. There are four spots for charms on the pendant's chain. Each charm will take the shape of something relating to the event they are relating to. For example, if a character received a charm in the Nova City Shut Down event, since it dealt with electricity, the character would receive a small lightning bolt shaped charm. It emits a faint warmth upon touch and when four charms are connected to the necklace, it will glow dimly the same color as the owner's pendant. When the charms glow, that means they are ready to be traded in for a wish. Each charm connects to the necklace and can only be removed by the owner of the pendant it is connected to.

How many charms does my character need to make a wish and do they need to be different kinds?
Your character needs four charms to make a wish, but they do not have to all be different charms. If all four are different charms, your character has no limit on their wishes other than what is listed in the "What can my character not wish for?" section. If you use multiples of the same charm, there may be limitations to its capabilities. For example, using 4 Attleton charms would make it impossible to ask for magic as a wish. Using two Fayren and two Nova City would have trouble bringing mundane items to the world like photographs or pets. Having 4 different charms would give you the most power with wishes. If you are unsure, please ask a moderator.

What can my character wish for?
Just about anything. Possessions from their home world, large pets, memories or anything they sacrificed to either open an archway or revive from death, a new pony, a piece of chocolate-- it's up to the character, as long as it isn't listed just below in the "What can my character not wish for?" section.

What can my character not wish for?
You can't wish for charms, nor can you wish for anything that the central force behind Genessia does not want you to have, though such things are few and far between. Wishing for a city to be destroyed or the planet to blow up isn't going to happen; neither is wishing for people to no longer arrive or depart. Any of these things will be met with a flat and IC 'No. Pick something else.' OOCly, don't wish for anything that would affect another player's character unless you have their OOC permission to do so. Even if you have IC motivation, you still MUST have the player's express consent. You also can't wish for more wishes. All wishes must be approved by a moderator before they can be ICly enacted. You also cannot wish to open archways that do not belong to your character's canon.

My character gave up a memory, how can they wish for something they don't remember having?
The character might not retain the memory any longer, but they will be aware that they gave up something important. They just have to wish to regain that something, nebulous as it might be.

How do I make a wish?
Events will be held that will offer a prize of at least one charm from one of the four outlying cities. Other prizes, such as money or items, may also be awarded to runners-up. By collecting one full set of charms, the set may be exchanged for one wish. The event varies: it may be a contest, a trial to see who best embodies a desired quality or trait, or a charm might even be given to someone who performs a great service. The terms of winning a charm may or may not be stated explicitly -- the only way to have a decent shot is to participate in the event. Player-run events may also yield charms if the player running the event requests it from a moderator and the chances of winning during the event are open to everyone, not just a small group of characters.

Can my character give charms to another character?
Charms do not transfer from player to player of the same character upon drop. (Ex: Player Bella plays Emma Swan and gets a Fayren Charm, then drops. When Player Nomad4Lyfe picks up Emma Swan, Nomad4Lyfe's Emma does not have a Fayren Charm. Additionally, charms can also not be transferred from character to character if they have the same player or be given from Character A (player 1) to Character B (player 2) then to Character C (player 1 again). Not cool, follow the rules and stop trying to find loopholes. However, if your character just wants to give it as a gift to another character in the game, that's totally acceptable. It's theirs to do with as they wish. This also means that they can be stolen, so please be careful with your charms!

What if I don't want my character to participate in an event?
All events (and charm quests) are completely optional. If a player-run event takes up an entire archway, it needs to be run by the moderators with available opt-out options because it will inevitably affect a large number of players. If there's an "everyone turns into a puppy omfg" event, it's entirely possible that your character got skipped for unspecified reasons. If you need an IC excuse, then being in a subarchway or the Bay or any other mystical place may or may not have provided event protection when the changes took effect.

Who has charms?
Check it out.

My character has four charms. How do I claim a wish for them?
Reply here after verifying that all of your charms are listed on the spreadsheet. If your charms are not on the spreadsheet (perhaps you didn't claim them when the spreadsheet came up or maybe a mod screwed up, it's entirely possible- both you and I are human beings we make mistakes), you'll need to include links to the charm events your character received a charm from in order to receive the wish.
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re: Sacrifices

If a character has been around long enough to have given up multiple things, is it possible to regain all of them with a single wish? Lets assume they have four different charms.
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Got it; thank you!