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Criminal Justice

What's a City Guardian?
A City Guardian is a special position that must be earned both ICly and OOCly. This character is in charge of protecting a city from threats, both internal and external, and keeping the peace. Note that morality has nothing to do with it; an antagonist can be a City Guardian the same as a protagonist can. A nomination and campaign period will last 1.5 to 2 weeks during which any character that ICly demonstrates his or her willingness to take on such a role will be considered. This will be followed by an OOC poll to determine which character should receive the job (assuming any others wish to run). If only one character/player is interested for the City Guardian position in a specific city, a poll will not be necessary and the character will win the election by default.

Elections will be held in June and December. If the player of a City Guardian drops and there are 3 months or more left, an emergency election may be held. If there are less than 3 months, a Deputy Guardian may take over duties temporarily until the next election.

OOCly, a City Guardian is expected to be at least moderately active due to their higher level of involvement with the city, and is expected to make at least one post to the IC community every other month, preferably more frequently than that, and still comment other characters in between. Failure to do so may result in a loss of the job, which will be offered to the public once more. A city guardian should select at least one additional officer called a "Deputy Guardian" to support them though a maximum of two will be paid for by the city; a poll is not necessary for these assistant positions, as anyone may apply ICly for the job and the guardian is responsible for deciding who to accept and who to reject. Please also note a few additional guidelines regarding elections for City Guardians:
    •If a City Guardian candidate does not participate in any part of the election process beyond declaring that they are running, their name will be removed from the polls. Moderators will check before the poll is posted to confirm.
    •If for whatever reason a candidate is declared the winner of the poll and then decides to drop or concede, the next runner up will be named as long as it is within 2 weeks of the poll's close.
    •If no candidate runs for a position, the current City Guardian will be asked to continue their position until the next election regardless of term limits if they are set. If the current City Guardian declines, the position will be offered to their first hired, currently working deputy, then to their second deputy. If all parties decline, the election nomination process will be reopened solely for the city in question.
How does the Genessia criminal justice system work? Like, do the subarchways have their own systems or is it all central? Do they have the death penalty?
Each archway has its own system! The City Guardian has lead authority over the whole system and is welcome to make changes and use the local authorities as they see fit. Should the Guardian choose to make changes, simply notify a moderator to have this section updated.

Genessia: Lead entirely by the City Guardian. There is currently a police force and jail, in addition to a superpowered jail for high priority and supernaturally dangerous criminals. Officers will enforce the law under the directive of the City Guardian. Whether the Death Penalty is allowed or not is up to the current Guardian. Currently, Genessia's Guardian is also in possession of a max security prison capable of holding even the most powered of people if they can be captured first. City Guardian Haller also possesses a limited number of weapons that have been bound with spirits that are capable of destroying empty spirits during events, accessible using rocket lockers obtained from the Beacon Academy subarchway before it was shut down.

Attleton: This is a Citizen's Arrest! Attleton is largely run by the Neighborhood Watch, which is probably why there's a lot of street crime, but there isn't much in the way of a real police force here. NPC citizens will definitely come try to interfere if they can. Capital punishment is not legal in Attleton.

Everglade: Think old fashioned Scotland Yard-style police force. They will look for evidence, but since there's a lot of mystical stuff here, it's a little difficult sometimes. They may also consult psychics for testimony and mediums to ask the dead to give their testimony in court. As of City Guardian Theodore Satchel's term, divination and contacting the dead are not admissible as court evidence. Death penalty may be decided upon in court, but it's unlikely and only after a loooong jail sentence. Unfortunately, they don't have a 'Sherlock' so unless the City Guardian is busy, most of the large cases are left to the City Guardian's discretion or bounty hunters. When City Guardian Ted took the office, all necromancy was banned. All laws regarding necromancy and divination have been retracted as of Fai D. Fluorite's term. For a time, the City Guardian's office only has jurisdiction over matters of enforcing justice. The mayor was under the thrall of Dracula and a curfew has been instated to give the creatures of the night full reign once the sun goes down, overhauling legal rights of all humans during that time. However, something seems to have happened and the mayor since retracted this rule, stated that the only reason it was acceptable to hunt was for food or kill in self-defense, and released all of the criminals. City Guardian Fluorite and a group known as the Everglade Rangers have been working to return the city to a stabilized state, but tensions between humans and creatures of the night still remain rocky.

Fayren: Knights and guards focus on defending more important areas/objects/events and will step in if they see something going on in front of them, but overall? It's the City Guardian's job to protect the citizens themselves. There is a court if a person is caught, but it isn't exactly fair and most of the evidence is based on hearsay, rather than actual quantifiable data. There's no set standard for punishment, so depending on who you pissed off, it could be anything from being put in the stocks for a day to being executed by hanging or other mideval-style death. City Guardians may suggest punishments, however, and these suggestions are typically yielded to unless the person your character pissed off specifically was in the courts or royalty. As of April 2016, Fayren is patrolled by significant numbers of animated puppets that look like little girls controlled by Alice Margatroid on behalf of former City Guardian Satori Komeiji.

Nova City: Robopolice force in addition to whatever force the City Guardian brings. Nova City is fairly self-sustaining when it comes to local authorities, many of the security in the area being mechanical in nature. There are, of course, plenty of criminals that find ways around this. It's never a dull job, and if you've got a know-how with tech, it could definitely give you the edge in Nova City. Capital punishment is currently outlawed in Nova City. However, if a security/police robot catches you in the act, they will attempt to stop you and do not typically hold back those resisting arrest. As of September 2016, Nova City requires bounty hunters to hold a license and has six deputies (four privately funded). The city is also broken up into security sectors to improve safety.

There are bounties in the newspaper. What's the deal with them?
Bounties are tasks your character can complete that count as bonuses to your character's income that last for a while depending on how big of a bounty it is. Basically, add an extra star onto your character's income as a "boost" for a temporary time. (Information about income is available on the employment page.) A bounty's worth will be listed in levels 1, 2, 3 or 4 and last for the corresponding months that the boost lasts.* This system will make it easier to understand monetarily so that it matches the current income/pricing system we have in the rest of the game.

A player will be allowed to OOC claim bounties and handwave most of them, but for every 3 claims they need to have at least 1 log posted. To claim a bounty, reply to the most current newspaper post that it was listed in. This needs to be done whether a log is attached or not.

*Additional bounties are available on the Beacon Bounty Boards located in each city. More information is available here, as well as information as to how to register as a professional bounty hunter with the Board.
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Courts are only mentioned for Fayren and Everglade, does Attleton have a legal system with courts? Does the Guardian double as judge?

Thank you!