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FAQ - Miscellaneous

How does my character ICly request anything?
Each character's communication device contains a contact link with the CPU of Genessia City, which can convey requests for additional amenities, buildings, subarchways, jobs, etc. A character need simply ask for what they desire (although the CPU may decline a request). Information is also ICly available from a player character-run company called Schnee Company or by posting and making a request to other characters.

What the hell is up with that Paperboy?
The Paperboy is a way to keep tabs on what's happening in the game, usually through sarcastic articles and weather reports. It costs two dollars a month to subscribe -- just idly wishing you had a newspaper or a way to refer to a news source in any way is enough to get you signed up on the list. At the top of each newspaper delivery post is a list of people randomly selected to (possibly) have their windows broken by a flung newspaper. If you do not wish this to affect your character, you are welcome to ignore your character's name being listed.

Can I kill the Paperboy?
Sure, you sick psychopathic child murderer. He can also be killed by sprinklers. But he always comes back, and he'll probably charge you extra for killing him.

My character broke their communicator. Will it fix itself?
No, you have to pay for new ones out of pocket. Communicators are sold in both Genessia City and Nova City.

Can my character bring their Pokemon from their previous game or canon?
Pokeballs are small enough to fit on your character, so go for it.

Can we have another Pokemon event?
Not if you keep asking about it. We've had quite a few already so we'll see.

My character had to have some kind of surgery while in the game. What are the recovery and rehabilitation details?
It will take the same as in real world / relative canon unless she received help from other worlds' healing methods- of which there are plenty in Genessia, whether it be through technology, magic, bending, or some other form of healing from other worlds. Nova City also has much more advanced medical technology than the other areas, so it really depends on where the medical procedure takes place.

Are there video games, TV shows, movies, etc. available in game?
Sure thing! Just be aware of 4th wall rules.