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Wish Claims

4 charms of any type

You can have multiples of the same charm.

If you use multiples of the same charm, there may be limitations to its capabilities. For example, using 4 Attleton charms would make it impossible to ask for magic as a wish. Using two Fayren and two Nova City would have trouble bringing mundane items to the world like photographs or pets. Having 4 different charms would give you the most power with wishes. Genessia Charms are like wild cards, so they count for whatever you need.

To claim a wish, reply to this post after verifying that all of your charms are listed on the charms spreadsheet. If your charms are not on the spreadsheet (perhaps you didn't claim them when the spreadsheet came up or maybe a mod screwed up, it's entirely possible- both you and I are human beings we make mistakes), you'll need to include links to the charm events your character received a charm from in order to receive the wish.

Four charms can be used for a singular wish. One sacrifice regain is one wish. (You cannot ask to regain all sacrifices.) You must receive mod approval before assuming your character's wish came through.

You can't wish for charms, nor can you wish for anything that the central force behind Genessia does not want you to have, though such things are few and far between. Wishing for a city to be destroyed or the planet to blow up isn't going to happen; neither is wishing for people to no longer arrive or depart. Any of these things will be met with a flat and IC 'No. Pick something else.' OOCly, don't wish for anything that would affect another player's character unless you have their OOC permission to do so. Even if you have IC motivation, you still MUST have the player's express consent. You also can't wish for more wishes. All wishes must be approved by a moderator before they can be ICly enacted. You also cannot wish to open archways that do not belong to your character's canon.
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[personal profile] whiteas 2017-07-06 10:26 am (UTC)(link)
1 Fayren, 3 Genessia charms! (Fayren and 1 Gen from Jaune w/ permission).

Wish: Sacrifice return! Weiss wants her singing voice back please and thank you.
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[personal profile] aurabble 2017-07-06 10:32 am (UTC)(link)
Confirming the charm combinations!
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[personal profile] weavemyownfate 2017-07-07 02:14 am (UTC)(link)
Koishi has given her charms to Satsuki (1 Attleton 1 Everglade 1 Nova and 1 Fayren).

Wish: Koishi's most precious memory returned. Satsuki wants Koishi's memory of her mother returned to her please.
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[personal profile] koishi_komeiji 2017-07-07 02:34 am (UTC)(link)
Permission given for this! The particular memory was used for opening the Chireiden subarchway.
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[personal profile] weavemyownfate 2017-07-07 07:26 am (UTC)(link)
I know its convoluted, we're going to thread it out later. Koishi's plan from the beginning was to give Satsuki her charms to use since she works for her. Satsuki decided to use it for Koishi instead.
Edited 2017-07-07 07:27 (UTC)
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[personal profile] k2so 2017-07-25 08:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello. This is more a question of it will be allowed rather than a direct wish claim. K2So has a Fayren charm and a Genessia charm. Cassian Andor has the same type of charms. They want to use them together and see if it would be possible to ask for the realistic android body Kay was using during the Attleton Circus event to work again.

We are unsure because there's multiples of the same chars but the android body was powered by magic.
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[personal profile] captain_by_the_book 2017-07-25 08:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Confirming that Cassian would contribute to the good cause!
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[personal profile] k2so 2017-07-25 08:33 pm (UTC)(link)
So he can get laid properly >_>
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[personal profile] k2so 2017-07-25 10:45 pm (UTC)(link)
That's wonderful, thank you. They'll talk Ic-ly about it after the Olympic Games Event C:

And omg sorry for the grammar fail in my first post. I was using the phone, my bad.
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[personal profile] k2so 2017-08-26 08:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi! Sorry to bother you again. Cassian and Kay talked about this finally, so they decided to use the charms. Should I just assume they got their wish already?
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[personal profile] k2so 2017-08-27 12:03 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you! ♥