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There are a number of housing options available to residents of all five cities! The cheapest options available are apartment houses, followed by hotel rooms, and houses at the most expensive. Minimum income level requirements are indicated with asterisks next to the building name. Note that residents can combine incomes to afford different housing (so if Character A has a 2 ** job and Character B has a 3 *** job, they can afford up to a 5 ***** housing option). All characters start their life in Genessia in the same temporary starter home first. This starter home is not intended to be a long-term home for player characters.

Genessia Commonspace
Upon entry every character will be given a place to live temporarily. It is not a fancy living space, it's a 10x10 studio with a communal bathroom. The studio has a mini fridge with a microwave on top of it, a bed, an end table, a mirror, and a small closet. This housing does not cost any money. Pets are not allowed, one person per room, and the walls are neither thick nor soundproofed so characters probably don't want to get up to shenanigans in them. Because everyone will get a room, your character will not be assigned a room number and you will simply have to assume one. There is no internet or cable, but it is very clean and there are no bugs or wear/tear as it is a shiny new and well upkept building. This isn't intended to be a permanent residence for anyone, which is why it's uncomfortable. If your character tries to stay in the Genessia Commons for more than a month, they will be evicted, so make sure they get a job and a place to stay before then!

Click to move your character in!

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Apartments - Genessia
Apartments - Nova City
Apartments - Attleton
Apartments - Everglade
Apartments - Fayren

Apartment Buildings - INCOME STARS: 1 * to 4 ****
Each apartment building is fairly similar in overall design. There are three stories to each, with six two-bedroom units on each floor. Characters may choose to inhabit any of these rooms (101-106, 201-206, and 301-306), which come furnished with beds, dishes, and linens. Typical apartments can handle up to 4 residents. If you try to fit more than 4 in a single apartment, the landlord may either double the rent (it may just be a good idea to rent out the room next door if you're paying double anyway) or evict the characters living there.


Stone Ridge *
Dogwood Ave. and 16th St. - A squat brick building, a little older than the others judging by the shag carpet and weathered exterior. They're a little more economical as a result, but they have the basic amenities as well as a laundry room and a small fitness room (that rarely sees any use, as the machines are fairly outdated). The entrances are on the inside, and the staircase leads up to the roof for those who want to look out at the city. There is only one floor.
Current Residents
Room 104 - Marc Spector
Room 105 - Rapunzel

Garden Park Apartments **
Iris Ave. and 4th St. - Situated across the street from the Garden Park, this apartment building offers a great view. Decks and patios are available to first floor residents, with balconies for those dwelling on the second and third floors. Each unit is furnished with hardwood floors and comfortable furniture, and the interior is brightly lit and welcoming. Entranceways are in the interior hallway, and an elevator travels between floors. The building is outfitted with a laundry room, playground, and small storage units that can be rented at an additional cost. Top floor is 3rd floor.
Current Residents
Room 105 - Jeb Parmalee, Tori Crawford
Room 204 - Marcus Fenix
Room 301 - Prof. Augustine Sycamore
Room 302 - Sonico Super

The Matisse **
Fir Ave. and 17th St. - The building itself isn't wholly remarkable, painted in light peach with white trim. The apartments can be entered from the outside, with white iron railings running around each apartment level. The interior is carpeted, and the living areas are bright and well-lit. The bedroom is perhaps a little unusual, in that it is separated from the rest of the apartment by a four-foot-high wall rather than being a complete room. A laundry room with three washers and three dryers is located on the first floor. The third floor is the top floor.
Current Residents:
Room 101 - Neopolitan
Room 201 - Luke Triton

Holly Ridge **
Rose Ave. and 24th St. - Holly Ridge is one of the nicer places to call home without breaking the bank, with entrances to each apartment located inside the building. It is equipped with an elevator, and there's a laundry room on each floor as well as a soda and snack vending machine. The apartments are furnished with hardwood floors, and windows in the living room that stretch from floor to ceiling, allowing plenty of light and a great view of the city. On the rooftop, tables and chairs have been set up, allowing residents and their guests to mingle while enjoying the sunshine. 4th floor is the top floor.
Current Residents:
Room 101 - Joruk
Room 103 - Konoka Konoe
Room 201 - Pidonus Marasia
Room 209 - Koumyou Sanzo
Room 304 - Kristen Kringle

Riverplace Square ***
Vibernum Ave. and 3rd St. - An elegant brick building, with entrances to the apartments located inside on floors two, three, and four. A grand lobby welcomes visitors with plush couches and exotic potted plants. Also located on the first floor is a fitness room with multiple machines to accommodate the healthy lifestyles of its residents. Each apartment has a small balcony that looks out over the city, and the interior is comfortably furnished with modern trappings. A breakfast bar separates the kitchen from the dining room area, and there is a washer and dryer in each unit. 4th Floor is top floor.
Current Residents
Room 401 - Karla
Room 404 - Ayame Sasaki
Room 405 - Wade Wilson, Cad Bane

Sunset Summit ***
Birch Ave. and 11th St. - A tall building with white wood paneling on the exterior, and boxed-in balconies for each apartment. The entrances are on the inside, with a separate clubhouse and laundry room on the first floor. The apartments are comfortable and very spacious, with thick slate-blue carpet laid out. The apartments are well-furnished, and very cozy. There are 6 floors.
Current Residents
Room 110 - Kaguya Houraisan
Room 120 - Chiaki Nanami, Sync
Room 610 - Lea, Xion

Tupelo Alley ***
Oak Ave. and 8th St. - A classy and elegant building, with a clubhouse attached that seems more like an expensive house -- it features a covered dining area on the second floor that overlooks the outdoor swimming pool, with the laundry room, fitness room, and visiting area on the first. Apartments have gas fireplaces and air conditioning, and the furnishings seem to be brand new. Apartments are on the second, third, and fourth floors. There are 4 floors.
Current Residents:

Clermont Apartments ****
Birch Ave. and 7th St. - Family-friendly modern apartments, with two to three bedroom units available. There's a terraced rooftop for relaxing when the weather is good, with grilling stations, tables and chairs, and even a fireplace with a few hardy outdoor couches situated around it. The apartments, which can be reached from the interior hallways, are stylish and modern, with the back wall painted either brick red, a muted green, or a soft robin's egg blue. All eighteen units are on the ground floor, arranged in such a manner that each one has a small patio and fenced backyard. This apartment building can house up to 6 people per apartment instead of 4.
Current Residents:

Regency Apartments ****
Pine Ave. and 9th St. - A beautifully crafted building, but also one of the most expensive. The first floor contains a laundry room, fitness room, a clubhouse for entertaining several guests, and an enormous area dedicated to an indoor swimming pool and adjacent hot tub. Residents live on the second to fourth floors in luxurious apartments with two bedrooms each, with a warm and well-lit interior. The entrances to each apartment are on the inside of the building, which has an elevator for convenience. Each living room possesses a gas fireplace, there are walk-in closets in the bedrooms, and air conditioning is provided for its residents. There are also private garages available for an additional fee of *. One penthouse is available at any given time for an additional **. There are 4 floors available plus a 5th with the penthouse.
Current Residents:
Room 201: Dave Strider, Jefferson


UF Lounge + Living Space **
The UF Lounge is one of the hippest bars in town. Order your drinks on a touch-screen and they're served to you by a bartender that is out of this world. Upstairs, there are multiple single-room apartments for rent at a fair price. There is only one floor of apartments. Only up to 2 residents per apartment.
Current Residents
Room 102: Haru Okumura
Room 103: Mercury Black, Emerald Sustrai
Room 108: Namur, Blair

The Ave - Renovated ***
This building features minimal living situations in the big city, now new and improved "rearrangeable" rooms! Studio apartments designed a la Yolanda style in order to save space now mean that these small apartments are able to have nicer kitchens and a very lovely, fair sized bathroom without decreasing your personal space. All amenities are voice activated, so at least it's high tech, and it has a holographic projector built in so your TV/radio/etc. doesn't take up additional room and can be used regardless of which slider you're using. There's a swimming pool on the third floor. Apartments have temperature-control settings and a digital fireplace with realistic crackling noises in the bedroom/main room. Now nicer, affordable, compact living is available in Nova City. Two floors, located at the base of a business skyscraper, up to 50 rooms available.
Current Residents
Unit 011: Grievous
Unit 012: chaos
Unit 013: Akira Kurusu

Heavens Court Apartments ****
Lavish apartments and lofts with up to 4 bedrooms and the highest tech you can imagine. Holographic alarm clocks, robot maids, retina-scan security, and a kitchen that practically makes food for you. These apartments take up the top four floors of a huge skyscraper on top of an advanced spa. Apartment residents get 30% off of all spa purchases. Use your holographic windows to view the outside world, or change the settings to the view of your choice- a tropical beach, the stars, wherever your "Heaven" is, Heavens Court Apartments will take you there. One penthouse is available at any given time for an additional **.
Current Residents
Room 1305: Satsuki Kiryuin, Anastasia Leonhart
Room 1306: Goro Akechi

Eden’s Castle Apartments ****
High-end apartments with two bedrooms with an additional room to be used for whatever the occupant likes. Each apartment comes pre-furnished with high quality beds, couches, ect. The best technological amenities that are found in other high-end apartment buildings. Each room in the apartment is open and spacious, able to fit more furniture than what already comes with it. Each apartment is equipped with a custom made, top of the line security system, which can be set to self-activate when you leave. The complex itself also has in house security that monitors the coming and going of people in the building. One penthouse is available at any given time for an additional **.
Current Residents
Room 106: Yashiro Tsurugi
Room 110: Krista Leigh
Penthouse (Top Floor): Johnny Storm

Mirnmar Suites ****
These suites have a much more non-human architectural style, with biomechanic-style blue and green archways illuminated by rotating soft lights and small geometric water streams running along the edge of the suite to provide the soft, relaxing sounds of moving water. Room sizes vary from entire floors made for larger-than-life individuals to half-roof height rooms for smaller species so they can feel comfortable in their living space. Each full-amenities suite comes equipped with an AI system that runs the apartment through voice commands, nameable by the tenant. One penthouse is available at any given time for an additional **.
Current Residents
Penthouse (Top Floor): Jacques Schnee *

Skyhouse Network ******
A new home penthouse system that's accessible only using the new WayPoints teleportation system or flight. This apartment network is located on an airbound hovership that slowly hovers over the city above its skyscrapers, creating the best view in the city. Fully equipped with holographic, AI, filtration, and robotic-servant technology, these penthouses are limited in number and are billed as the most luxurious place to rest your feet that money can buy in Nova. There are only 6 suites available at any given time.
Current Residents
Suite 101: Garrus Vakarian
Suite 102: Gale Reinhardt, Faye Valentine
Suite 103:
Suite 104:
Suite 105:
Suite 106: Arro Caine

Bixby Place *
A quaint apartment building, the outside seems to be a cream-colored spackle paint. There are palm trees located around the premises and an automated sprinkler system. Apartments go up to 2 bedrooms and come with a couch with a fold-out bed for guests or an additional tenant. The apartments are decorated with a modern touch- clean, solid colors, and each of the rooms comes with a Hula bobble dolphin upon arrival (a gift from the landlord). It seems like the walls are paper thin and the lawn mower comes at 7am on Sundays, but it's great for the price.
Current Residents
Unit 12: General Hux

Attleton Attics **
Named for the entire first floor being unoccupied and only the second floor holding tenants, the Attleton Attics seem to have low roofs. Other than that, they're decently furnished and come with a small kitchen, a bathroom with both a bath and a shower, bedrooms, and individual washer/dryer units. The first floor has a small gym, a library, a recreation room, and a taco stand. Tacos are $1.50 each.
Current Residents
Room 201: Kamille "Mobius" Rainer
Room 202: Kirika Yuumura/Noir
Room 203: Scott Summers
Room 204: David "Yellow 13" Jordan

The Honeybee **
A converted bed and breakfast, The Honeybee provides a cozy setting that's sheltered off from the outside world by a fantastic small garden. Fountains and flowers of all kinds surround The Honeybee, with small nooks and crannies with tables for you to have the perfectly peaceful lunch experience when you're not inside. The rooms themselves are all one-bedroom rooms with their own bathrooms, but the kitchen is a large shared one on the first floor that used to be the restaurant back in its B&B days. The owner is a little old lady who's the kindest little thing but can make even the hardest of souls feel guilty if they don't pay their rent on time. There are 10 rooms available.
Current Residents
Room 6: Aya Fujimiya, Selphie Tilmitt
Room 7: Thrawn

Assombrada Park **
This building surrounds a huge courtyard that seems to gather fog each and every night and has a strange amount of mushroom and moss growth on the rocks and tiny hills in the courtyard. It looks a little spooky, and some say there are figures that can be seen in the dead of night if you look closely. Outdoor lights flicker and the landlord tells you never to open your curtain on a full moon, but he won't say why. There are no infestations and everything inside the apartment seems up to average modern standards, so it seems like a good deal if you can get past that eerie feeling that may keep you up at night sometimes. (3 floors.)
Current Residents
Room 102: Jack Skellington
Room 103: Milton Dammers
Room 210: Soma Cruz

Haunted Mansion ****
This mansion has been converted to an apartment room. Sure, it's old and dusty. There are a couple of places where there might be a bloody handprint, an abandoned rocking chair, floating candles, and you'll hear footsteps at night... and sometimes doors will disappear, admittedly. But it's a unique experience and no one's died in years! Come enjoy these huge apartments outfitted with their own kitchens, luxury bathrooms, and a specterly landlord who occasionally pops up behind you when you least expect it. It seems like he made some sort of deal with the devil to not let the less lively residents of the building drag anyone to demon dimensions or kill them anymore, so it's perfectly safe despite the spooks.
Current Residents
Room 101 - Alucard (Adrian Tepes)

The Dancing Donner *
The first floor is a pub that stays merry through the wee hours of the night, but the sound seems fairly well blocked-out in this small apartment space. There are only four rooms total for rent, but each has its own bathroom, wood stove, and comes fully furnished. Plus, the party is never far beneath your feet if you get bored.
Current Residents
Room 1 - Marisa Kirisame
Room 2 - Will Turner

Oak Gardens ****
This apartment seems to be run by a few local Elvish folk. Elegance epitomized would be the best way to describe this apartment's architecture. Many of the building's supports seem to be at one with the trees surrounding it, as Oak Gardens is located on the edge of the forest, and there are charming gardens outside every window. Chirping birds frequent these gardens each morning. The apartments also provide each resident with access to a hidden underground hot spring in the basement of the apartments. Though there is no penthouse available, there is a cabin available underground next to the hot spring available for an additional **.
Current Residents
Room 3 - Ryder Clayton

El Galeón ***
Love the sea? Enjoy porthole views of them through this ship-themed apartment building located on the water itself. For a fair price, you can have up to two-bedroom apartments on this well-kept water vessel. The captain takes the ship out for cruises around the local ocean areas every night from 6pm-9pm and offers a dinner service on the deck for a small fee. (Or just stay in your room if you don't want to enjoy the party!) It's a unique experience found nowhere else in Genessia!
Current Residents
Room 105 - Kazuya

Houses are made on a case-by-case basis on request of players for characters. Characters must have a minimum of 5 star employment income to purchase a house on their own. Characters may still combine incomes to reach better houses. If the residents of the house have maintained the required income level for at least 3 months, they are allowed to drop below the initial star level as long as they pay at least half of the requirement the rest of the time. If a household has met this requirement, there will be a $ next to the name of the house to indicate it. If the household has come to "own" the house (pay for at least 1.5 years) then there will be $P.

Houses - INCOME STARS: 4 **** TO 10 **********
Type of house and design is up to you, these are the requirements of payment as a general thing. Houses in Attleton are * star lower than listed (except for 4 stars), houses in Nova City are ** star higher than listed.
4 ****: 1 bedroom/1 bathroom, small living room, small kitchen.
5 *****: 2 bedroom/1 bathroom, small living room, small kitchen.
6 ******: 2 bedroom/2 bathroom, living room, kitchen.
7 *******: 3 bedroom/2 bathroom, living room, kitchen.
8 ********: 3 bedroom/2 bathroom, living room, kitchen, large yard or porch.
9 *********: 4 bedroom/2 bathroom, living room, kitchen, yard or porch.
10 **********: 4 bedroom/4 bathroom, living room, kitchen, yard and porch, other extra rooms, multiple stories.

Current Houses:
Team RWBY's Old House $P - Genessia City - Dogwood Ave. and 28th - layout. Vacant, but owned by Sun and Weiss. Move-in date: 12/18/2014

The Manga House $P - Genessia City - 4 bedroom/4 bathroom, living room, kitchen, yard and porch, manga/art/video gaming room (with blackout curtains), two stories. This is where Mayu Nozaki lives. Move-in date: 4/20/2015

PokeSpa & Day Care $ - Genessia City - 4 bedroom/4 bathroom, living room, kitchen, yard and porch, other extra rooms, two stories. Converted from a living space into a PokeSpa and Day Care. Fai D. Fluorite lives on the second floor, the first floor being the business. Move-in date: -

Genjyo and Amberdrake's House $ - Attleton - 2 bedroom/2 bathroom
Also contains a living room and a kitchen. More info. Residents include Amberdrake. Move-in date: 11/16/2016

David’s House $P – Genessia City - A house for David Haller. (Images: 1 | 2) Move-in date: 9/12/2015

UFO House $ - Nova City - 4 bedroom / 4 bathroom. Located in Nova City, this house features an eco-modernist design. It's surrounded by trees and very green, with a UFO-like structure. The roof features micro-solar panels that give back more energy than the house itself uses. The house's security features include Genessia device-recognition software that recognizes the devices of the residents to disable security features upon arrival. If a person without one of these devices approaches, alarms will send notification to all registered resident devices along with 3-D security footage. If a resident does not disable the alarm from their devices, the alert will activate a high-tech security system that utilizes laser blasters that shoot up from the garden like fiery sprinklers. If the threat is neither neutralized nor removed, a hard-light gate of 10 feet encircles the house and garden, the police are notified, and robo-security designed by Tony Stark is deployed to neutralize intruders. Layout/design for the house itself. Move-in date: 7/30/2016.

Sync's House - Attleton - 4 bedroom/4 bathroom
Contains a living room, kitchen, yard and porch. Houses Sync. Move-in date: 1/13/2017.
Sold by Sync for 7* per month for 6 months based on a fraction of the original purchase (until 11/27/2017.)

Schnee House - Nova City - 4 bedroom/3 bathroom
Front view, deck view. 1st Floor, 2nd Floor. A house purchased by Weiss Schnee during the Quiet Minds event with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms located in Nova City. Though it has no yard/porch and few extra rooms, it has a swimming pool and balcony putting it at 12*. Residents so far are Whitley Schnee, owned by Whitley Schnee. Move-in date: 1/13/2017.

Sun House - 3 Bedroom/2 Bathroom Images
A large home lived in by Sun Wukong and Weiss Schnee. Multiple levels, an indoor pool and a few extra rooms. While large, it's not quite a mansion. Its price range is 13*
Move-in Date: 5/19/2017

Moore's Vineyard - Genessia City
Created by David Haller, Moore’s Vineyard is a small housing development in Genessia City. The houses are constructed from shipping containers which are remolded and furnished into a loveable state. Because of this, and because of their size, rent is fairly cheap. With one bedrooms costing 1* and 2 bedrooms costing 2*. There are only 8 houses available at the moment.
1 Bedroom Houses
1 – Vacant
2 – Vacant
3 – Vacant
4 – Vacant

2 Bedroom Houses
1 – Vacant
2 – Vacant
3 – Vacant
4 – Vacant

The Questionable Penguin House - Attleton
4 bedroom/2 bathroom, living room, kitchen, yard. A house for Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nygma. Move-in date: 4/12/2017.

House One - Attleton
4 bedroom/4 bathroom, living room, kitchen, yard and porch, other extra rooms, multiple stories. A home in Attleton being built a little at a time by its residents, Cassian Andor, K-2SO, and Sonico Super. Move-in date: 4/22/2017.

Skyhold II - Genessia City
4 bedroom/4 bathroom, living room, kitchen, yard and porch, other extra rooms, multiple stories. More info.. Residents include Alleyana Lavellan and Dorian Pavus. Move-in date: 5/16/2017.

Star Trekless House - Genessia City
3 bedroom/2 bathroom, porch. This type of house. A home for Spock. Move-in date: 5/25/2017.

Ayame's House - Attleton
4 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, some extra rooms and a swimming pool. More details. Ayame is taking care of most of the building herself using her powers, so she is discounted to 5*. Move-in date: 7/5/2017.

The Pond House - Attleton
4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, yard and porch, other extra rooms, multiple stories. Description here. A home for Amy Pond, Rory Williams and River Song. Move-in date: 26/08/2017

Aeslyn House - Fayren
2 bedroom/1 bathroom, small living room, small kitchen. Aeslyn is building it herself which means it's mostly sized for a Lalafell - but the ceilings are high enough an average human won't have to stoop to stand up. A home for Aeslyn Blackrose. Move-in date: -

If your character is capable of building a house on their own, the required income level is halved.

Mansions - - INCOME STARS: 15 ******************** AND UP
Characters must either own multiple successful businesses or combine with other characters to have one of these houses.
15 ***************: Abandoned, haunted, and/or falling apart mansion.
20 ********************: Small Estate.
25 ******************************: Large Mansion.

Mansions must maintain the whole pay level until the place is paid off (1.5 years). If the household has come to "own" the mansion then there will be $P.

Current Mansions:
ATTACK ON MANSION $P - Nova City - One of the few buildings left un-updated in Nova City, this mansion appears to be falling apart from its age. It was heavily renovated over time to be updated to modern standards. After Armin was the last-standing owner, he left it to Weiss Schnee upon leaving. She currently allows her father, Jacques Schnee, to stay there. Sold by Weiss Schnee (20* a month until 6/18/2018 based on fraction of amount paid since original purchase.)

Character-owned businesses do not necessarily fall under this scale and prices may be set by their owners. These are not recommended long-term living situations, as half a month in a motel/hotel will usually end up with the same cost as renting an apartment for a full month.
Low end motels: * (Can be afforded for up to 3 weeks with starter money!)
Average motels: ** (Can be afforded for up to 1.5 weeks with starter money!)
Decent hotels: *** (Can be afforded for 1 week with starter money!)
High-end hotels: **** (Can be afforded for 1 day with starter money!)

Hotel/motel residents will not be listed as having an official address as these are intended for temporary living situations only. If your character is staying at one for long-term, feel free to comment and we will add a section.
Long-Term Hotel Residents
Amagi Inn - Genessia - While the outside of the building looks rather modern, inside has been styled to look like a traditional Japanese inn. This place is where you can come to experience what it is like. Yukiko makes sure that everyone is happy and there is a small discount for new arrivals. Located on 16th and Pine Street.
Amaya Ishikawa

Amagi Inn - Fayren - A nice modern inn based in Fayren where one can come to relax in the hot spring, or in the nice warm beds. One can expect to be taken well cared of while within. Underneath the inn is a secret area which in case of emergency can be used as a shelter to keep people safe with food and medical supplies within. Only the owner and whoever she tells will know how to access it.
Yukiko Amagi (Owner)

The Marsh Woodsman: - Fayren - A small inn, mostly composed of wood. However, the owners are strong proponents of excellent customer service. Anything you need, they'll find a way to fix the problem if it's within their job description.

The Drunken Monkey - Fayren -A wild and rowdy tavern if ever there was one. The barmaids are plentiful and pretty, protected by the burly bouncers who are only too eager to pounce on a troublemaker and beat him senseless before tossing him in the dirty alley out back. The food is good and hot, and a roaring fireplace welcomes guests from the cold. Rooms are available on the second floor for those who are reluctant to go home for the night. Close to the bar is a raised stage for performers who happen to be traveling through looking to earn some coins, and there's a trio of musicians who are always on hand to provide lively music for those yearning for a jig.
Eleanor Guthrie

Motel Bonono: - Genessia - Just your average motel. There's no pool, but there are a couple of vending machines and an ice machine. The ice machine works about half the time.

Low End Motel: - Genessia - Just you run of the mill low-end motel. It's so low end it doesn't even have a name.

Other Housing
Any type of housing not listed above will be listed here.
KUSANAGI & HALLER HOME FOR CHILDREN- 3rd & Dogwood, Genessia. - Image.
The K&H Home for Children was created to give children that find themselves in Genessia a place to stay. Rent isn’t necessary for any child staying in this home, and they will even be given a weekly allowance for spending cash while they are living there. Meals will also be provided for them. There is no limit to how long they can stay. Should they wish to strike out on their own, they are allowed to. And they can return to the home at any time. The rooms come pre-furnished with two beds on either side of the room and two dressers. Two children can live comfortably enough inside of one room together, though if a child would rather room alone, the extra bed and dresser can be removed. There are 9 bedrooms in total with 8 being open to children and the 9th being open to an adult that might possibly want to stay there to be a live in guardian for the kids. There are three bathrooms, one upstairs, one downstairs and one in the Master bedroom. There is a kitchen, a living room and a basement as well. THIS OPTION IS FOR CHILDREN AND 1 VOLUNTEER LIVE-IN GUARDIAN ONLY. Current Residents: Tony Clark, Louise Belcher, Minori




SUBARCHWAY: CASTLEVANIA- Dracula, Sakuya Izayoi, Flandre Scarlet
SUBARCHWAY: PHANTOMHIVE MANOR (Nicknamed "The Rose Estate")- Grell and Marco

FAIRY HAVEN - Erza Scarlet, Mirajane Strauss
SUBARCHWAY: OLD HELL/CHIREIDEN- Koishi Komeiji, Satori Komeiji, Alice Margatroid
TREEHOME/NEST - Dray Lyell, Colette Brunel
FOREST - Hamusuke

Theodore Satchel (Subspace Bag)
Chara (2 person tent)
The TARDIS - Doctor (10), Martha Jones, Amy Pond, Pidge Gunderson, Doctor (12)

Move In!

Please note that if your character has their own means of creating a structure to live in (like powers to create an ice castle or move rock with their minds to make a stone house, etc.) they also have that option. These options will not cost your character money as they do not require the purchase of materials or any work on anyone else's part. Housing may also be obtained illegally, but there may be IC consequences for doing so. Make sure to work out or have your character deal with it! Characters may also live in forests, caves, etc. Please just be sure to indicate on this post where it is your character is living by replying to this post with the following form:

Character Name: The name of the character moving in
Housing Type: Apt/House/Mansion/Other
Location: If it's an apartment, which building? Do you have a room number preference? If it's a house, what city is it in / streets is it on? What city is your character's treehouse or cave in if they live in something like that?

Thank you! As soon as you reply to this post, you can assume that within 24 hours your character has been moved into the location (if it is a new house,etc.) or the same day if it is a hotel or apartment.
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Character Name: Franken Stein
Housing Type: Apartment
Location: Garden Park 108 (with Spirit Albarn)

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Character Name: Augusta, Fräulein Markgräfin Wolfenbüttel
Housing Type: shared apartment with Eduard Markgraf von Sekt Braunschweig
Location: Attleton Attics
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[personal profile] soundmind 2015-01-18 10:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Maka Albarn
Housing Type: Shared apartment with Death the Kid and Soul Eater Evans
Location: Garden Park 101
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[personal profile] shining_beacon 2015-01-18 11:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Kazuya Mishima
Housing Type: Other
Location: Nova City - G Corporation Tower subgate

Character Name: Dracula
Housing Type: Other
Location: Everglade - Castlevania subgate

Character Name: Gildarts Clive
Housing Type: Other
Location: Fairy Tail Guild Hall - Fayren

Character Name: Mewtwo
Housing Type: Other
Location: A cave in the mountains of Fayren

Character Name: Gamagori Ira
Housing Type: Other
Location: Honnouji Academy - Genessia City

Will update with Ozpin's details once a pay grade has been established.
koishi_komeiji: Art by: eromame (50 Sisters Heart)

[personal profile] koishi_komeiji 2015-01-18 11:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Koishi Komeiji
Housing Type: Other
Location: Fayren- Chireiden Sub Archway/Old Hell located in the old waterways

Character Name: Sakuya Izayoi
Housing Type: Other
Location: Everglade - Castlevania Sub Archway

Character Name: Charlotte
Housing Type: Apartment
Location: Genessia - Garden Park 108 with Spirit Albarn (and occasionally Garden Park 101 with Maka Albarn)
Edited 2015-01-18 23:37 (UTC)

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[personal profile] koishi_komeiji - 2015-04-13 18:41 (UTC) - Expand
filchedfruit: (chillax)

[personal profile] filchedfruit 2015-01-19 12:08 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Joruk
Housing Type: Apartment
Location: Holly Ridge
lexcellent: (Default)

[personal profile] lexcellent 2015-01-19 01:05 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Ejava Tepet
Housing Type: Apartment
Location: Regency Apartments 201

Character Name: Lex Luthor
Housing Type: Other
Location: Nova City - Metropolis subarchway
koschei_oakden: (Default)

[personal profile] koschei_oakden 2015-01-19 02:43 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Koschei
Housing Type: Apartment
Location: Stone Ridge, room 207

Character Name: Betelgeuse
Housing Type: various
Location: various; he just goes around haunting different houses and apartments, keeping himself unobserved, though they aren't player's houses, unless they want/give permission.
have_hat_will_travel: (Chibi Smile)

[personal profile] have_hat_will_travel 2015-01-19 02:45 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Pidonus Marasia
Housing Type: Apartment
Location: Genessia - Holly Ridge 201 (Alone)
Edited 2015-01-19 04:03 (UTC)
maybeitsmaybelline: (Bitch I'm fabulous)

[personal profile] maybeitsmaybelline 2015-01-19 07:18 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Roman Torchwick
Housing Type: High-end hotel
Location: ??? Hotel in Nova City, shares an upper-story 2-bedroom suite with Neo

They're rooming here permanently (or for the forseeable future) thanks to blackmail, "security" service, and probably some heavily discounted payment. Let me know if we need more details hashed out, since we're the first long-term hotel residents.
deathsought: (Default)

[personal profile] deathsought 2015-01-19 02:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Zeref
Housing Type: Other
Location: Tartaros Guild Headquarters, beneath the Lowerarchy in Everglade.
Edited 2015-01-19 14:03 (UTC)
inquisitoring: (Default)

[personal profile] inquisitoring 2015-01-19 08:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Darklaw
Housing Type: Apartment
Location: The Dancing Donner
dreamingartist: (Default)

[personal profile] dreamingartist 2015-01-19 10:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Jeb Parmalee
Housing Type: Apartment
Location: Garden Park Apartments
skirtcladgunner: (Default)

[personal profile] skirtcladgunner 2015-01-19 10:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Tori Crawford.
Housing Type: Apartment.
Location: Garden Park Apartments, sharing a room with Jeb Parmalee, no preference on room number.
frostheartedrose: (Default)

[personal profile] frostheartedrose 2015-01-20 12:41 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Bridget Frostheart
Housing Type: Subarchway
Location: Castlevania
beautifulmidboss: (Midair Pondering)

[personal profile] beautifulmidboss 2015-01-20 03:33 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Midboss
Housing Type: House in Attleton (with Midboss' 5* job and Flonne's 2* job, they can afford a 7* house - which is equivalent to an 8* elsewhere). He's staying with Laharl, Flonne and Desco.
Location: Just across from the Attleton Colosseum.

Character Name: Izanami
Housing Type: Subarchway
Location: Castlevania

Note: Zelos is staying with Ishtar and Duzell - I believe they moved into a house in Everglade, but I'll need to double-check with the other muns.
Edited 2015-01-20 15:34 (UTC)

(no subject)

[personal profile] redsnowangel - 2015-01-24 13:25 (UTC) - Expand
lookprofessor: (Default)

[personal profile] lookprofessor 2015-01-21 03:26 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Luke Triton
Housing Type: Apartment
Location: The Matisse in Genessia

Character Name: Spirit Albarn
Housing Type: Apartment
Location: Garden Park 108 in Genessia!

I see my peeps up there but I wanted to check in here as asked =)
addictedtojump: (Default)

[personal profile] addictedtojump 2015-01-21 09:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Gintoki Sakata
Housing Type: Apartment
Location: Nova City; the apartment is one of many small one bedroom affairs above a bar, it also doubles as the office for the Yoruzuya

Character Name: Gojyo Sha
Housing Type: Apartment
Location: Holly Ridge

Neptune's housing info is still the same :Db
Edited 2015-01-21 21:05 (UTC)

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weavemyownfate: (Default)

[personal profile] weavemyownfate 2015-01-22 04:30 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Satsuki Kiryuin
Housing Type: Heaven's Court Apartments
Location: Nova City
specialdance: (pic#7716882)

[personal profile] specialdance 2015-01-22 06:37 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Hakkai Cho
Housing Type: Apartment
Location: Holly Ridge 102 w/ Gojyo

I... have no idea for Olivia yet! I will get back to you guys for that.

also I'm sorry for completely ignoring the format originally that was awful of me. My b, bruh.
Edited 2015-01-22 07:02 (UTC)
energybends: (seriously)

[personal profile] energybends 2015-01-23 01:52 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Aang
Housing Type: NOMAD LIFE 2015
Location: trees/caves/woods/a roof/etc
firefandance: (Default)

[personal profile] firefandance 2015-01-24 05:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Yukiko Amagi
Housing Type: Other
Location: Amagi Inn - She pretty much lives there so if someone needs something in the night she can go and handle it herself.

Character Name: Fai D. Flourite
Housing Type: Apartment
Location: Riverplace Square

Character Name: Yuna
Housing Type: Home
Location: Everglade - She has a five star job so she can afford the very basic type of housing.

Character Name: Chihiro Fujisaki
Housing Type: Apartment
Location: Holly Ridge

Character Name: Minako Aino
Housing Type: Apartment
Location: The Ave

Fluttershy is already listed and she is still living there. Hikari and Yuuki I am unsure of where they are living at this moment in time and will let you know when I am sure.
yuuwish: (Default)

[personal profile] yuuwish 2015-01-26 01:05 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Yuuko Ichihara and Clow Reed.
Housing Type: The Misterious Wish Shop (as introduced and described on the employment page).
Location: Fayren (located not far from Oak Gardens).

((I hope I did that right. If not, just let me know.))
Edited 2015-01-26 01:10 (UTC)
taintedwhite: (So sweet)

[personal profile] taintedwhite 2015-01-26 01:26 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Shiro/Wretched Egg & Hagire Rinichirou
Housing Type: Appartment.
Location: Genessia City - Garden Park 206 (second floor).
firstrose: (Default)

[personal profile] firstrose 2015-01-26 01:30 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Suigintou
Housing Type: Other

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