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24 May 2017 @ 07:15 pm

Now that you're familiar with the rules, let's get into the nitty-gritty of the game itself and clarify some information about the world. If your question is not answered on one of these pages, please leave a comment and we'll answer it as soon as we are able. Thank you!

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24 May 2017 @ 07:44 pm
General Game Information is a category that contains general questions about the game itself or questions of the OOC variety that don't really fit in other categories.

What's the point of this game?
ICly, the game is a jamjar with optional metaplot to be explored. A character who seeks only slice-of-life interaction is welcome to pursue as much, while a character who actively digs into the mysteries of the city will likely uncover answers. There are legitimate reasons as to why each person is here, where the characters go even if they get dropped, and other such strangeness. OOCly, everyone is here to have fun and roleplay characters they enjoy. This is why we take a relaxed moderation standpoint in terms of the activity check-in and no applications.

How do I know what's going on in the game?
ICly, biweekly newspapers are posted with in-game news and occasional mini-events for your characters to interact with. Additionally, an in game player-character-run company called Schnee Company provides information services that you can handwave your character calling in about here.

From an OOC standpoint, you may find it useful to check out the premise page and the Plot So Far page, both linked to in the main navigation. Additionally, whenever new events are announced, there is a pinned post on the top of the OOC comm here that mods update with current events periodically.

Settings pages may also contain cultural notes for specific areas that may have had significant in-game development that is not directly related to the plot.

Who are the moderators here?
That would be Taylor/Tay, Dave, and Lisa. You can find their contact information on the mod contact page. Previous moderators include Fae and Tamzin, who we thank for being amazing moderators in the past and will always remember fondly. Future moderators are selected based on discussion and debate between the current moderators and are not an electoral process.

I noticed there is only one IC community for the game. Do we have to use all prose, or all action in the IC community? What are the other two communities for?
The main community is a log-network combo, so you need to make sure to appropriately label your post so people know which it is. You can use either one you're more comfortable with, or both! In general, use [VIDEO], [AUDIO], and [ACTION] for bracketed posts, and [OPEN] or [CLOSED] for prose-based posts. If you would prefer to post a prose log, you can label it with WHO:, WHAT:, WHEN:, WHERE:, and WARNINGS: in the body of the post if there are any worth noting. The other two communities are the out-of-character community [community profile] genessia_ooc, which is for player communication and no RPing, and the meme community [community profile] genessiacrackers, which is for both IC and OOC memes which may be posted by both moderators and players.

Can I add my character's tag to someone else's video post, or log, if my character interacts in that post/log?
Absolutely, yes, and you always should. Moderators use tags to investigate character squatting issues. If you don't tag your posts and comments, we may not be able to find your activity and you may get a PM from the mod main account notifying you of potential character squatting problems.

This also helps players find posts with interactions between characters and allows us to quickly get a glance at whether or not a character is active or being sat on. If a person is suspected of character-sitting and still checking in without playing for multiple check-ins, moderators reserve the right to check through the tags in order to prevent character sitting. If you are believed to be character sitting, you may be contacted by the mods. Tagging each post that you reply to ensures you never put yourself at risk for this! It's a rare scenario, but it's better to make sure you tag things appropriately just to make sure. Your character tag will always be your characters full name. Dropped characters will have a ★ in front of the name. If you apply for a character that has been dropped, a moderator will update the tag to get rid of the star as soon as possible.

If your character has multiple identities, you do not have separate tags for each time they use that identity. In the case of a character like Sailor Moon, for example, the character tag will be "usagi tsukino/sailor moon." Characters with the same name are tagged with their character's name, followed by an abbreviation or identifier of which series they are from. For example: if there are multiple Robin Hood characters you might see "robin hood (disney)," "robin hood (bbc)", and "robin hood (ouat)." If the character is a canon-AU version of the character, the tag will be the character's name plus "(au)." So if you played Dr. Light from CW's The Flash from Earth 2, your tag would be "linda park (au)" UNLESS there was also a Linda Park from the comics in the game as well! In which case, the tag would be "linda park (cwflash/au)." Which sounds really complicated, but don't worry! When you comment the taken list, a mod will respond with the correct tag you should be using for your character. If it needs to change at any point, we will convert the tag and notify you of the change ASAP.

What is the time scale of the game?
Genessia is played 1:1 with real time (so if it's January RL, it's January in game). Seasons in different areas are not exactly the same as each location is based on real weather from different parts of the world, though sometimes the weather can be similar! The newspaper will have regular weather reports if you need to know what it's going to be like on given days.
Genessia Mods
24 May 2017 @ 07:45 pm
But with no activity checks or applications, aren't you worried about quality control or people who would abuse the system?
Honestly? Nope! We're optimistic that way, and trust people will play just because it's fun, and accept that other people are here for the same reasons. If problems do arise, they'll be dealt with on a case-by-case basis rather than setting up all-encompassing restrictions. As such, we ask that you please drop a character you don't want to play rather than idling out, and that you do play a character as if from canon rather than an altered fanfic version of that character. We know you won't let us down!

You mentioned an activity check-in. What's the difference between that and a regular activity check?
An Activity Check-In is a month-long check-in that only requires you to poke your head in, list your characters you are interested in keeping, and reply to the check-in post with that information. It is done to clear out characters who have idled out with the assumption that if you are in the game, you are going to check at some point during the month. Multiple reminders will be posted via the OOC comm and our Plurk at [ profile] genessia, the check-in will be at the top of the OOC community while it is active, and a warning list will be posted when there is 7 days left of the check-in. No proofs of activity will be required, simply a statement that you are still playing at the game including your name and the names of your characters. At the end of a Check-In month, anyone who does not check-in will be removed from the game. If you simply forgot, there is no penalty if you want to re-add yourself, it'll be the same ooc process of just joining the game again. The only exception is if you are found having had little to no activity for an entire ACI period (4 months), at which point you may be asked to provide proof of activity for the next ACI. You will be contacted if this is the case.

What happens if I drop from the game or idle out?
If a player exits the game through the proper channels before leaving, the player has the option of the character ICly meets an unfortunate, mysterious, and/or sticky end which may or may not occur on-screen or simply having their character ejected from Genessia. If they are dropped by missing an activity check-in or do not wish to have a specific end for their character, they will simply mysteriously disappear from the game.

I dropped, but now I want to come back. How should that be reflected ICly?
If a player wants to retain a character's CR after dropping the game and returning at a later date, contact a mod. We can either arrange a mundane reason for the absence, or a secret plot thing. If you want to regain your character after one of the previously mentioned sticky ends, then you either will need to have your character lose their memory of their previous time here at the game or come up with a cool plot that shows how they got out of that. If you need some ideas, feel free to contact a moderator for help!

The previous player of my character dropped and killed off my character when they did so. Am I still allowed to play that character?
Yes. Your character will not have any memory of the incident and while other characters may remember the incident, you are not required to address it. If you specifically would like to request that characters not recognize yours from the player before you's previous CR, please make a note of it in your OOC intro so that everyone knows and it will be considered no longer a part of the rp's game-canon.
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24 May 2017 @ 07:45 pm
What types of characters are considered "playable characters"?
We've had a large number of questions and disputes about what constitutes a playable character, so here are the guidelines that the mods are looking at:

-Canon must have been released for at least one week before they are playable. This includes canon updates to current points in series.
-Character must have sufficient lines to have a clear personality and identifiable characteristics.
-If the character is from an ongoing series, you must put spoiler warnings on each post for at least a month after the last day of the given spoiler.
- If the character is a fandom OC, you must have the approval of all current cast members to join.
-CRAU (also known as "game imports") must be from an existing DW/IJ/LJ game. You cannot take CRAU from PSLs, museboxes, memes, or dressing rooms. Which game you are taking them from has been added to the taken list comment as of October 27th, 2016.

If your character does not meet these requirements, please do not add them to the game. If you aren't sure, please ask a mod before commenting the taken list. We have also updated the taken list to allow for you to identify your characters as fandom OCs, CRAUs, or AUs more clearly.

What characters am I not allowed to play here?
-You can't play a character from a hentai/porn source, no matter how good or interesting that character is. (If the series happens to have sex in it, that's fine, but it should not be straight up porn.)
-You must apply from an established and published source. This excludes games available only via download and a majority of webcomics. If you can hold the product in your hand (a book, DVD, game, etc.), it's allowable. If you're unsure, ask a mod.
-Fandom OCs that have anything to do with the actual characters from the fandom. Fandom OCs cannot be related to any existing characters nor can they have secretly been involved in the plot all along. Additionally, we ask that if you are bringing a fandom OC into an established cast that you ask permission from the players of those cast members first.
-AU versions of characters that are not presented in-canon. So if you wanted to play vampire!Willow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), that's acceptable, or Exposed!Future Gabriel from Costa Verde (Heroes) that's also fine. But if you want to play AU!Magneto who runs a bar and just wants to get girls, that would be considered OOC and would not be allowed.

Are duplicate characters allowed?
Yes and no. There cannot be three main storyline Zachary Quinto Spocks from Star Trek (2009). However, if there is a canon-AU and a canon-main storyline within a series, such as in the Star Trek (2009) films, both of the characters would be available to play. In this example, Leonard Nimoy old!Spock and Zachary Quinto young!Spock would be considered both playable in Genessia. The same would be for a character like Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer- vampire!Willow from The Wish can exist as a character and so can Willow from the main storyline. We are only accepting one AU version of a character at a time for now. Duplicates from different series are allowed. So if someone wanted to play Tidus from FFX and Tidus from KH, both would be allowed in the game because they are considered separate characters.

What if a person's CR from one game conflicts with a person's CR from a different game?
This issue can be a tricky one. Ultimately, all players with characters affected in this manner should be in agreement as to what CR is or is not retained. This is similar to fourth-walling, and should be treated as such. Don't do it without the other player's permission. If you do not have that permission, the character will just mysteriously forget about it.

I want to play two characters from the same series. Is this allowed?
Yes, provided that the characters would not ICly need to interact. If you wanted to play both Brennan and Angela from the TV series Bones, that would not be allowed. However, if you wanted to play Brennan and Avalon (Angela's psychic who Brennan doesn't care for and barely interacts with unless unavoidable), you could probably get away with it. If you are still uncertain, ask a mod.

Are there any age limit restrictions for characters?
Not in particular, but they should be capable of forming sentences and be of an age where they can transport themselves independently. Sorry, but you can't play a baby. Kids are allowed though.

What is the policy for characters with "split personalities"?
If the two personalities are considered different actual people (like Dark and Daisuke from D.N.Angel or Yugi and Yami from Yu-Gi-Oh) then they would be considered two different characters and would need to be applied for separately, as they can interact with each other. However, if the personalities are the same person effectively (like Nikki and Jessica from Heroes or Akito and Agito from Air Gear) then they are considered one singular character. If you are unsure, please ask a moderator.

Do you power-nerf here?
A general no, though omniscience and omnipotence would be the only exceptions. Your character would still be able to have some of their power in that case, but please discuss it with a moderator. (Obviously your character can't walk in and just know the entire plot of the game and solve it bc, hey, omnipotentscience.) Otherwise, just respect all the other game info and you're good.

Can I change my character's journal?
Sure, just make sure to reply to the taken list with the updated information from your original journal to let us know.

Can I use an open ID account to RP here?
We ask that our game members use a Dreamwidth account.
Genessia Mods
24 May 2017 @ 07:46 pm
Where does my character start?
The Bay. See the Setting page for more details as to what each character receives upon arrival.

Is there a map?
A map has been provided for Genessia City, which can be viewed from the Setting page. Due to the varying and sprawling nature of the satellite cities, there is no map for these districts, but we have tried to provide as much detail as necessary while allowing for players to take some liberties with what they see and encounter. If you want to see an additional place added to the Genessia City map, please request its addition on the settings page in a comment so that it can be added to the setting officially. This includes characters' businesses, but you may also add other locations subject to mod approval. Please remember that new locations should fit the setting of the city you would like to add it to, so if you want to add a blacksmith it would go in Fayren versus hover go-karts would go in Nova City.

Do characters have a place to live when they arrive?
Yes! Characters are given a key upon arrival to the Genessia Commonspace, a small studio-only apartment complex. It is not a fancy living space, it's a 10x10 studio with a communal bathroom. The studio has a mini fridge with a microwave on top of it, a bed, an end table, a mirror, and a small closet.

This housing will not cost any money. Pets are not allowed, one person per room, and the walls are not exactly thick or soundproofed so characters probably don't want to get up to shenanigans in them. Because everyone will get a room, your character will not be assigned a room number and you will simply have to assume one. There is no internet or cable, but it is very clean and there are no bugs or wear/tear as it is a shiny new and well upkept building. This isn't intended to be a permanent residence for anyone, which is why it's uncomfortable-- but at least it will keep characters from being homeless/assumed homeless until they get a job or someone else to mooch off of! If your character tries to stay more than one month, they will be evicted, so please be sure to get your character a job on the Employment page to pay for a place to stay on the Housing Page as soon as possible.

I noticed everything seems to be human-sized. What if I want to app someone bigger than that, like a Transformer?
They'll have a harder time of it ICly, but it's certainly not impossible for such a character to be played in the game. The Bay and the Archways are all big enough for Transformers to fit through, and they could probably get their needs fulfilled in Nova City or by sacrificing part of themselves to establish an Archway to Cybertron or their version of Earth. A parking garage can always be set up in Genessia City, too.

What does my character have with them upon arrival?
Anything that was on your character's person is fine as long as it isn't against any other rules and it can fit in the pod. If your character is taking from a canonpoint that they were riding a robotic t-rex, for example, that would not fit in the pod. Your character cannot arrive with a robot t-rex. Weapons are allowed, as long as they are not larger than the character arriving. If you aren't sure, ask a mod!

Can my character bring a pet with them upon arrival?
That depends. If the character would have the pet on them and the pet is small enough to fit into a pod, yes. This means like hamsters that live in pockets or rabbits that live in hats- things like those are fine. However, if you want to bring your character's favorite championship stallion Fernando or 101 dalmatians, no. You also cannot bring any talking animals. If the pet is appable as a character, then no you cannot bring it. There are other ways to re-obtain larger pets that you can reference here.

If your character would like to get a new pet, there are various strays around the cities of your standard pets of cats, dogs, birds, etc. There are a number of animals in the forests of Fayren as well, though they are more wild and less likely to be tamed. Typical farm animals like horses, pigs, sheep, and so on can be found in Fayren, a city which has technology levels that rely more on traditional farming and transportation methods.

My character's supernatural powers allow them to summon Personas/aeons/demons/heartless/nobodies/whatever. Can they still summon them here?
Yes, as long as they do not require an item to summon that could not fit in the pods with them (unless they obtained it in-game) AND they are not a character that would be playable.

So about those language barriers...?
For some WONDERFUL reason, everyone speaks the same language automatically! YAY! This doesn't mean they can't speak their native language any longer; they can. It's as if everyone picked up a bonus language that everyone else understands, in addition to whatever else they already speak.

I want to bring in a character at a canon point that they are injured, mortally wounded, dead or dying. Is this allowed?
Yes, they can arrive injured. Characters who are dead in their series will arrive perfectly healthy if you take them from that canon point, but if you take them from a canon point while they are dying they will be healed up to a point where they will survive with medical care. Basically, no dead bodies in the Bay.
Genessia Mods
24 May 2017 @ 07:46 pm
What are archways?
Archways are essentially the means of travel between cities. There are 4 set archways that lead to the four cities of Attleton, Nova City, Everglade, and Fayren. If your character wants to pass from Genessia City into Everglade, they have to pass through an archway.

What kind of technology do the cities have?
About what you'd expect from each era. Magic is prominent in the fantasy realm of Fayren, but technology is fairly primitive. The reverse is true for the sci-fi area of Nova City. Both Attleton and Everglade have technology comparable to what we have on modern-day earth. Genessia City's technology is also similar to modern-day earth, but slightly more advanced, particularly at the hospital and the Dream Dock.

What is medical technology like in each of the subarchways?
It approximately matches the availability that would be in the setting itself. Everglade's might be slightly more archaic (think Victorian England) and Fayren's is going to be heavily magic, apothecaries and herbs and so on, Nova City's is going to be very advanced and anyone with a job has health insurance, Genessia City is going to be like modern-times with all the fixtures, and Attleton would be like a small town clinic sort of situation.

Because information Nova City's advanced technology has been requested, here's a bit on some of their cool products:
-The Immuno Experience, a scented experience shop that sells cologne and perfumes containing nanites that enter the body. Nanites detect species and then communicate with the brain to tell it to develop the appropriate immune response for the disease on the label of the scent you buy. Scents are available in normal perfume and cologne scents so that no one knows your medical business and you smell great for that party, business dinner, or date you've already had planned that night. Nanites only contain enough power for 24 hours, so they are flushed out of your system within a day. Have allergies? Try our new allergy-preventative eau de toilette!

-In emergencies, please go to the hospital for emergency high-pressure medical vapor decontamination. Characters will be placed into a room with high-heat steam that contains the medicine and is absorbed through the body. This is a more expensive process because it's essentially a stronger and faster-acting version (with less frills) than the perfumes for emergencies only. It already contains anti-allergen medications to prevent reactions in the chamber, which is part of the higher cost.

-Surgical recharging nanite systems are also available for purchase for a significant fee, though are designed for those who are considered in frequent danger of damage. They are made to inhabit vehicles and repair damage to anyone within the vehicle's range to minimum stabilization, for emergencies only. It is still recommended that you see an actual doctor, but they'll keep you alive in emergencies if you've got the money to afford them.

What are the travel times to get from location to location in Genessia?
Feel free to assume that 1 block = 1.5 minutes if your character walks quickly and 2 minutes if your character walks slowly. Nova City is a huge metropolis, so it will take longer to get to the end of Nova City than it would to the end of Attleton. Everglade is about the size of a small city. Fayren's city area is about the same as Everglade, though Fayren has vast natural areas including forests and mountains that may take days to traverse by foot if going in a straight line. We don't want to set super-intense limits on how much time it would take, especially since there are characters with super speed or flight or teleportation, but this is an approximation based on average walking speeds to help as a reference! There are ways to get from subarchway to subarchway much more quickly however, thanks to an in-game player character development called the WayPoints system.

What is Project Ways and the Ways Point system?
"Project Ways" is a dual quick-travel and criminal tracking alert system that is accessible to anyone via one of the readily available tower devices. It's an effort between Weiss Schnee and Aster Technology that allows a fully-tested teleportation technology to move users from one tower to the other in a matter of only a few seconds. Aster Technology's tech was distributed into multiple archways by pendant-holding employees of Schnee Company under Weiss's direction before she left the company.

Each city contains a Ways Point located just inside the gates to make quick travel across subarchways accessible. There is one Ways Point tower on the Genessia City side and on the inside of each subarchway, which means going from Fayren to Nova City would take only a few seconds instead of the full walk. In addition to at the archway gates, there are Ways Points in front of the City Guardian offices in each city in order to allow rapid response to emergencies.

Ways Points activate using user data from devices. No data is retained unless the user is flagged by the local City Guardian's office as a wanted criminal. While those with past records may still use the system, active or wanted criminals will effectively shut down the system until they are out of usage range and send a notification to the City Guardian's office that includes the name of the criminal and which Ways Point they were in range of. This prevents the Ways Points from becoming quick escape routes during law enforcement pursuits as well as offers monitoring at the subarchway gates and throughout town. While it can't detect anyone if they leave their devices at home, anyone within a 15 foot range of the Ways Point is in range for a scan and users cannot use the Ways Points without their device. If your characters gets flagged by the system, please contact the City Guardian for the city they were flagged in.

What are subarchways?
The four cities also have additional archways called "subarchways." Subarchways lead to worlds from the characters canons. These do not lead to the original worlds that the characters are from, but to a single location that was paid for by the character who opened to it. It is essentially a clone of the canon location, generated from the character's memories plus fact-checking for accuracy. It does not change if the character's memories change. If your character wants to know what subarchways are currently active in-game, they can ask the CPU for a list!

How do you open a subarchway?
A character may request to see their own world again by making a sacrifice and giving up something of personal importance to him or her. Once the sacrifice is made, a subarchway will be opened up in the satellite city pertaining to the color of stone reflected in the character's necklace. The subarchway will lead to one particular city -- travel beyond this city will not be possible through conventional means. You can assume that instructions for opening a subarchway are mentioned in the welcome brochure characters receive upon arrival. To do it officially, you need to add the subarchway on the setting page using the form at the bottom of the page.

What's the subarchway like from the inside?
The city accessible through the subarchway will be exactly the way the establishing character left it, with the same people in place, and the same events playing out. A player (not the character) may choose to have time flow at a different or variable rate if they wish. Characters with necklaces may travel through the subarchways at their leisure, but those without necklaces cannot pass through unless escorted. If NPC's from someone's subarchway are killed or otherwise ruined beyond sanity or recognition, they will regenerate within the subarchway as if nothing ever happened, retaining no memories of the events that affected them so strongly.

What if creating a subarchway results in my character wanting to stay home forever?
The game probably won't be a whole lot of fun, will it? The mods will sometimes have little things for your character to find in an established subarchway, but in general, the amount of CR a character does or does not get is up to the player, not the mods.

Suppose two characters are from different sources or points in time. What if they both want to create the same city?
It's allowed. Just keep in mind that there's a price to be paid, so you may not want to do this unless your character needs something specific from that different timeline or the timelines are vastly different (like post-apocalypse and pre-apocalypse, for example). Additionally, if a character opens a subarchway in one timeline then is canon updated to another, the subarchway will remain as-is from when it was erected unless your character pays an additional price to open the new archway in its stead. The same character cannot open multiple timeline variance subarchways.

What happens to a subarchway if the founding character drops?
It remains as long as there is someone from the canon present in the game. Subarchways are semi-permanent, and can be explored by any other characters active in the game. However, if there is no one from the canon presently in the game, then the archway will close. It is already paid for, however, so if a character from the series appears in the game it will be reactivated without additional payment unless otherwise requested by the player from that series. The only exceptions to this would be generic modern-world subarchways like "New York City" provided they are not from a specific time period and/or the world isn't massively different from the real world city. If access to a subarchway is closed, the CPU will give a warning about three days in advance of the subarchway being closed. Any items obtained from the subarchway by characters may be kept, though they will need to find an alternate storage space, and the three days gives characters living in the archway time to move out if they were staying there.

What happens if my character tries to exit the game area without heading into another archway?
If your character tries to leave one of the city limits, they will reach an invisible field, but it isn't a normal forcefield. If they touch the field for more than a few seconds it'll start to feel like the character is being drained both physically and emotionally. If they hold on for more than a minute, they'll fall unconscious, and wake up in the hospital. This will happen regardless of what species the character is or abilities the character has.

What can be seen beyond the city limits?
It depends what part of the world you're in! One thing that all of the views have in common is that they will not be able to see any people or animals.

In Fayren it will be mostly mountains and forests, and more ocean the way of the sea. In Attleton, there are bright grassy fields and other small towns in the distance. Nova City just seems to have more high-tech cities next to it, though there never seem to be people close enough to contact even if they yell. Everglade typically has a heavy fog surrounding the area, so it may be difficult to see anything more than 20 feet out.

What forms of transportation are available in each archway?
Each archway has transportation forms appropriate to the genre it's from. Want a hover bike? You're going to want to go to Nova City. Looking for a horse? Check out Fayren! Modern cars, Vespas, and motorcycles are most likely found in Genessia, and Attleton will be a little more cars, segues, skateboards, and bicycle-oriented. Looking for something a little more old fashioned? Everglade will have more of the old-timey and classic cars you might've seen in black and white films. If you aren't sure, feel free to ask a moderator, but we will trust your judgment. Please be aware that if the transportation requires a license, your character will need to get a license in game (please handwave this but acknowledge if your character needs to learn to drive/ride/whatever first). If there is a character offering a service in-game to teach people how to ride horseback or drive cars or how to Ski Doo or whatever, feel free to contact them about getting your character into it. There is an airport in Nova City and some of the subarchways in various cities, but they seem to be perpetually closed. Mostly because the planes seem to be missing.

Additionally, if your character can teleport, they may do that within the city! You cannot teleport through archway gates or outside of the barriers, however.

How tall are the archway and subarchway gates?
The gates between archways and subarchways are about 10 meters tall. The cities themselves have a much higher 'ceiling' when it comes to the barrier, however, going several miles up before a character would hit the barrier.

What educational opportunities are available in the subarchways?
There are different schools and universities available throughout the game. Attleton, Genessia, and Nova all have standard K-12 programs. Attleton and Nova City have higher education opportunities available. (Go Attleton University Space Cowboys!) Attleton's majors are heavily liberal arts, but they have a wide variety available. Nova City used to have a Trade Academy before it was destroyed, but still has colleges with a heavy emphasis on STEM. It also has graduate schools in a number of programs that fit the sci-fi genre, such as robotics, engineering, astronomy, and so on. Genessia City has a community college with a range of majors available up through bachelor's degrees. Fayren's education is a non-standard style that fits with the genre. Many educational opportunities in Fayren are through apprenticeships and private teachers for those who can afford them, though if you are interested in magic there are often instructors available at the Ivory Tower. Everglade's educational system is very strict. Think Catholic school with less religion and more werewolves. Once you get into higher education in Everglade, however, it's a little more like Hogwarts except the monsters are your classmates.

What are closed/inactive subarchways still doing on the settings page?
Inactive gateways disappear from the world until they are made active again, essentially to keep the door closed for the characters' safety. Without a tether to the world (a character from the series) the subarchways close in order to help maintain the world's stability. The CPU will do this automatically when the last character from a series with a subarchway drops, but once the price is paid, the price is paid and the subarchway can't be closed except in the circumstances in the next question.

Can you destroy a subarchway?
If you are the "owner" of the subarchway, yes. (The owner is the person who created the subarchway or, if the original owner leaves it to someone upon leaving utilizing the Will and Testament building, it will transfer to a new owner.) Subarchways will automatically disappear if there is no one from that world (canon) to "tether" it to, but the only ones who can close it while there is are the person who is the owner. The price of subarchways cannot be refunded whether they are closed or not. The only way to regain sacrifices is via charms. If a character is inside of a subarchway when it closes, they will die and wake up in a hospital.

That said, if you want to go around with a jackhammer no one is stopping you except law enforcement and whoever you're going to really upset by doing so. Please discuss this with any players who would be affected before doing so.

I want my beach episode. What bodies of water are available in the archways?
There are some, of varying quality, in all of the main archways. Subarchways are largely dependent on where they are a subarchway for, so please look into the subarchways themselves for answers regarding those. The main cities however have the following.

Genessia City: The Bay.

Attleton: Public pools.

Fayren: Underground waterway, rivers going to the beach and through the forest, a large lake (though it does have varying types of water fairies residing in it, so you'd do best not to anger them), a beach and an ocean (you can travel a fair ways on the water but will eventually run into the barrier out that way as well).

Everglade: It has a lot of spooky marshy water that's always covered in fog. There are a few caves toward the end of the city area that the water goes into as well. It's very, very cold and not recommended for swimming.

Nova City: A man-made waterway that goes through the center of the city. Its water is glittering and beautiful, pure enough to drink, but doesn't appear to have any fish in it.

Is there a listing of current laws for each archway?
No, we don't have a list for the current laws because we aren't lawyers and nobody got time for that. The laws for each city are the same basic laws that every civilized society typically uses unless otherwise noted on the settings page for that city. If you are wondering if something specific is against the law in a certain city, you can ask.

My character is magical or can scan things what will they find if they scan/magic sense/look at the aura of/whatever the subarchway?
The subarchways are not actually magic, so it probably wouldn't do very much! They are replicas of the space generated from the memories of the person who created the subarchway. It may not feel artificial in anyway except that the NPCs clearly do not possess souls if he has the capability to detect that. A character would only be able to detect souls in people with pendants. If your character is scanning with technology, it would just be like scanning a regular version of the object. A box is still a box.

What information will the CPU tell a character regarding subarchways?
The CPU will tell them that they exist and which city they are in, but will not generally perform a GoogleMaps task to tell you were it is. It will not tell you when they were made as many of the older archways have deleted comments from before the time of the current mods, so we don't even have access to that. (Sorry, lame OOC reason for that one.) It will not list inactive ones, but if information is requested about a specific inactive one it will provide the available information. If information is requested about the specific inactive one, it will include the place and the time as a point of reference for the content of the subarchway. If a character explores a lot, it's reasonable to assume they will find them eventually unless the entrance is explicitly stated as in a difficult-to-reach area. (So for example, the TV world subarchway from Persona in Attleton is heavily guarded to make sure no one can get in. Or if a subarchway is opened on private property, that might be hard to find/reach.) Who opened the archway is private, the NPCs don't know.

What is the door that looks like an archway gate behind the Bay?
That's a door that some know as a gate to some place called Wingate Creek. All that is currently known about Wingate Creek is that the door is locked and the Key Pendants for each city must be earned and used together in order to unlock it. No other information about Wingate Creek is known at this time and will not be shared outside of in-game events.
Genessia Mods
24 May 2017 @ 07:47 pm
What does the network device look like and how does it work?
As of January 2016, the devices have received their newest update! The new devices are sleek and modern, equipped with video, voice, and texting capabilities. They also have text-to-voice and voice-to-text options for those who have difficulties texting or reading. The look of the devices are clear, but a character can give their device a tint of color if they like. The option itself is in the settings menu. Candy Crush Saga also comes pre-installed on all devices.

The new device is equipped with an advanced security system that shuts the devices down except for an emergency system when someone who does not have the correct DNA and memory sets for the owner of the device (as recorded by the CPU). This ensures that the device can only be accessed by its actual owner except when using the Emergency Broadcast Function. The Emergency Broadcast Function that can be used by anyone. The EBF can be activated by pressing and holding the “Emergency” key with your thumb. From there it will broadcast your device starting with the City Guardians. If none of them respond, then a minute or two later, the broadcast will be opened up and repeated to everyone that has a device. A preference can be set ahead of time so it will broadcast to friends or family first instead of the Guardians, but this is something that has to be setup in the options menu.

All devices are registered to the character that they belong to, this is done automatically. They can be replaced if broken, but a character can't have more than one device registered to them. If they try to register a second one, one or both devices will become nonfunctional. Characters also can't make posts from other characters devices. The other features can be used (Unless the device is Security Locked), but the posting feature will be locked and will only be unlocked in the hands of its owner.

The map feature has been updated to allow a person to broadcast their location to a single person at a time should they want to. There will be an icon that allows for sending of their location when they are speaking to someone. Where they are will appear on the map feature on the person that is receiving the location's device. But it's not a tracker. If the person leaves that location, the map feature won't show this in real time. The device can also speak directions if someone is having a hard time finding their way somewhere.

Characters can use the video screen to view video/text/voice posts similarly to how it would look on tumblr, the most recent entries being at the top and the 'posts' being playable or simply text. Posts may be toggled through with the arrows to see most recent and most relevant. Once a post is selected, the device goes into a live chat mode with the person who made the post. Threadhopping is considered as having your character jump into the livechat, as any conversation/recorded material is viewable unless the thread is made private, much like a livestream.

It goes without saying but any post labeled "Action" on the main comm does not appear on the devices. Any post that is labeled as "Video," "Voice" or "Audio," or "Text" is accessible via the network devices. Characters can also take and send each other pictures while in "Text" mode.

Additionally, while you will need to access your own device and the security will still stand, characters are fully capable of posting anonymously or choosing their own on-screen display name within the settings of the phone. It is defaulted to their full name unless otherwise changed by the character.

Hacking the CPU or the devices? Yay or nay?
Nay on the CPU, yay with a caveat on the devices. Please see the information about the devices (they are linked to DNA and memories) for information about their security features and contact a moderator if you have a character you firmly believe would be able to get past those. As for the CPU, we're going with no on this one. If your character tries, their device will be blocked out of the system and they'll have to purchase a new one. :(

Can characters view other conversations and past entries?
Sure thing for anything in the [community profile] genessia main comm, as long as they aren't marked private or action. IC inboxes are all considered private unless otherwise stated.

Do the devices have contact lists with all names registered to the network on it or do they have to find individual contacts? Is it possible to keep aliases in tact on the network?
If a person posts it will be under their name unless they post it anonymously. However, if they ask the CPU to change their display name temporarily, the CPU will likely cooperate. It will still be connected to their device, however, and they cannot post with the name of another character. So while Bill X might still be listed by the CPU as being present in Genessia (the CPU will always answer whether or not a specific person is still present in Genessia), he could post to the network as Smithers and not have it linked to his identity as Bill X.
Genessia Mods
24 May 2017 @ 07:49 pm
What are these pendants?
A pendant is a small stone every character who is not an NPC arrives with. The only ICly known use for it is that you can only pass through to other archways if you have yours on you. You also only get one, so if someone steals yours you better get it back. They are virtually indestructible, however, so don't worry about damage.

How do I know what color my character's stone is?
The color of the character's stone is based on the genre that their series is from.
Nova City = sci-fi = red.
Attleton = general modern or slice of life = yellow.
Everglade = horror, supernatural = blue.
Fayren = fantasy, historical = green.
What if a character has multiple genres attached to the fandom source? What if none of those genres fit my character?
Then the character has multiple strong colors in their necklace stones, and may choose whichever city they like to establish their subarchways. If none of those genres fit, feel free to pick the closest-related genre. If you need help, ask a mod.

What are the Key Pendants?
Each city has a key pendant associated with it that appears to fit in a door located at the back of The Bay. There is only one for each city and they must be earned through events that demonstrate the character's ability to show key features that fit with each of the archways. So far, the following key pendants have been claimed:

Nova City: Strength, Teamwork. Claimed by David Haller.
Everglade: Empathy, Sacrifice. Claimed by Natsu, given to Satsuki Kiryuin upon drop.
Attleton: Creativity, Selfishness. Claimed by (EVENT RESULTS PENDING)
Fayren: Intellect, Determination/Competitiveness. Claimed by Ronan O'Connor, given to David Haller upon drop.
Genessia City: ??????

It is noteworthy that a pendant's owner must possess the qualities associated with each city if they wish to make use of the pendant. Otherwise, the pendant will eventually find its way into the hands of someone who has proven themselves to possess such qualities. If someone did not earn the key pendant, they may not be the right person to use it and should consider finding someone who exemplifies those qualities. The CPU will only give this information if information is requested about the key pendants.

Where does the door at the back of the Bay go that these pendants open?
You'll have to find out ICly won'tcha?

Okay so there are pendants and key pendants and spirits too and they're all city-centered. So who are the spirits?
The spirits are the ones who brought people to Genessia. They are the creators of this world, and not much is known about them. In game, a few people have had a chance to meet the spirits of Genessia City, Everglade, and Fayren.

Okay so what is known about the spirits in-game?
GENERAL: The spirits helped create Genessia. In corporeal form, they look like glowing orbs of the colors associated with their cities. Each city has its own purpose that works in conjunction with the others. The spirits were the ones who moved the Bay temporarily and placed the locked archway behind the Bay upon its return. They stated that if all of the Key Pendants are gathered by those who pass series of tests to see if they have become truly capable of stepping through that door, it will unlock and lead to a place called Wingate Creek. (Available info located in archway & subarchway FAQ.)

EVERGLADE SPIRIT: The spirit of Everglade was the first to show itself, a blue orb. It shared with Dracula/Vlad Tepes III that it is the one who creates the barriers, runs them, but it takes his own energy to do so. It utilizes the energy from fears generated within Everglade to turn it into protection from fear. The spirit must use its own energy to turn those emotions to a barrier and keep the cities safe while the other spirits, already within the cities' limits do their part to keep Genessia functional. When the barrier was badly damaged in July 2015, the Everglade spirit was severely injured and Vlad took advantage of this to try to take down the barriers entirely, but was stopped by Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia with the assistance of Genessia City's spirit. Everglade's spirit shared that the people here are not yet ready to survive outside of the barrier. (Note: The only witnesses to Vlad's actions were Lucy and Natsu, so their account is the only proof that Vlad did this outside of the spirits' themselves. Please do not go accusing the character of anything without your character having heard this information from someone else.)

GENESSIA SPIRIT: Genessia's spirit manifested itself into a corporeal form in a clinic during the barrier breach in order to find assistance to save the Everglade Spirit from Vlad. It is a pale purple orb. It approached Lucy and Natsu Dragneel and possessed Lucy so that Lucy could utilize its powers to save the Everglade Spirit. Genessia's spirit has abilities relating to life, death, and regeneration but it's not clear what exactly they are.

FAYREN SPIRIT: This spirit holds dominion over memories and the concept of self. It is the one in charge of taking sacrifices because of this. It took the sacrifices necessary to get the empty spirits away from the barrier so that the Genessia Spirit could heal the Everglade Spirit and restore the barrier. It is a green glowy orb.

ATTLETON SPIRIT: No information is known.

NOVA SPIRIT: No information is known.

What are empty spirits?
Empty spirits, sometimes called void spirits, are unnerving creatures that live outside of the barriers. There have been two occasions on which they have broken through. They appear eager, hungry. If your character gets caught, these spirits will suck your character's emotions and ability to differentiate between right and wrong out until they're an empty shell of themselves. It's basically what happens if your character touches the barrier, except they'll be awake the entire time and they won't leave anything left. You will have the option to play your character at that point basically as a soulless husk attempting to find the one thing it lacks: emotion.

There are three ways for a character to regain their emotions/morals if they are removed from them by these spirits:
    1. They must be pushed into the waters of the Bay by someone who isn't affected and the Bay waters will split the difference, then both characters will take some time to recover and may share some of the character who shared theirs' stronger emotions.

    2. Kill the character. They'll be brought back fully functional.

    3. Deep emotional bonds of love can reignite any tiny bit of emotions deeply ingrained in their soul, but this only works with bonds that were formed in-game. It can be any kind of love (romantic, platonic, friendship, family, etc.) as long as it's been developed in-game. This will trigger a slow rebuild of emotions and they may not feel much upon waking up, but they'll be themselves again with a very slow recovery.

Empty spirits can be fought, but killing them through normal means does not work. They'll be warded and retreat temporarily, but will return. Spiritual magic is the best means by which to defeat them. Everglade's magic shop has a number of stones and seals the can be used by anyone if used appropriately, though those more adept with magic will be able to seal more powerful ones. Characters who canonly have experience with exorcism or sealing will be able to do this much more easily and may still use their canon methods for doing this. The spirits can be destroyed entirely by someone with soul/spirit-based powers or weaponry. Spirits who are captured will be possibly to keep even after the end of the event.

The spirits do have a psychic presence, so if you play a telepath and they try to read their thoughts, your character will be rushed by an empty void like a black hole taking away any sense of emotions and be able to feel that all these things want is an intense need to steal sentient emotions. There's a similar feeling to a lesser extent if they try to read a character who has had their emotions drained, though the deep connections (option 3 for saving) may be sensed if this is the case, so telepathic characters may possess the ability to figure out that third option for saving affected characters.

It is known that during the first appearance of the empty spirits, there was a human figure who escaped the battle. His identity is unknown at this time, though he also appeared to have some influence over the events in Nova City that allowed Dr. Seek to split peoples' dark and light sides from each other.
Genessia Mods
24 May 2017 @ 07:54 pm
What's this about the populace? How does that work?
For the sake of simplicity, we'll just say that all the cities are populated with NPCs. Sometimes you need lackeys, or someone to serve you a hamburger. Sometimes you want to go do something evil without having to screw over a player's character, or you want to go fight some monsters to keep your skills sharp. Well, there you go, NPC's are at the ready! Not only will you find NPCs in the five big cities, you'll also find them where applicable in the extra Archways that people have established. You can assume that characters who haven't been apped are present in the Archways, but interaction with them should be minimal and either summarized or done behind the scenes. Once a character is apped, the NPC version won't show up in that town anymore unless the character gets dropped.

Are the NPCs real people?
The NPCs are NOT REAL (though a character might not realize this), and are easily distinguished because they lack the necklaces that those called formally into Genessia were given. While the NPC's can't exit a town through an Archway, they can be escorted through as long as they're in contact with someone who possesses a necklace. They are unique in design however, and no two NPC's are alike unless they're twins. NPCs will match the genre for the subarchway they are in. (Nova will have a more superpowered/alien/robot/cyborg/etc. population- anything sci-fi related, Fayren will be more fantasy-style, and so on.)

Are the NPCs created by the spirits?

Do the NPCs act differently than "real" people do in any noticeable way?
They seem to act like normal people except that they don't have pendants/necklaces and that they cannot cross through cities without being escorted by someone who possesses one. If someone with the ability to sense souls/aura/chi/whatever you want to call it tries to sense theirs, they will not be able to sense one (anyone with a pendant would be sense-able).

Who plays the NPCs for bounties?
You can. If your character accepts a bounty, unless otherwise stated in a mod-posted bounty you are in charge of playing the NPC for that bounty based on the specs given in the bounty posting. If the bounty is for another player-character, then no you may not and you must go plot with the player-character in question. If it is a special mod NPC, then a mod will play the NPC and it will be noted in the posting.

What happens when NPCs get killed?
The ones in Genessia do not respawn typically, instead going to the following locations in each archway:
    Genessia: Genessia Hospital's Morgue- processed by medical examiner and taken away by official Genessian Undertakers, though they don't seem to have names or much in the way of talking.

    Attleton: Outsources its dead to Genessia, which has a bigger hospital.

    Nova City: Nova City Hospital Digital Analysis Morgue. Computers do the analysis, then the Genessian Undertakers come. (Same as Genessia.)

    Fayren: Fayren residents cremate bodies. There is no formal examination unless specifically requested by law enforcement.

    Everglade: Law enforcement gets the body first and may choose to send it to whoever they need- be it a spiritual leader or psychic or straight to the funeral home, then buried in one of Everglade's many graveyards.
This only applies for the NPCs within those cities, however. Subarchway NPCs will be regenerated within the subarchway if they are killed or irreparably harmed and will lose all memories of the event.
Genessia Mods
24 May 2017 @ 07:55 pm
What happens when a character dies?
Their bodies dissolve within two hours, if nothing is done to revive them.

As of January 1st, character deaths will no longer dissolve as they previously have. The first character to die as of that date will be picked up by staff members that look like they came out of a Barbie case- far too perfect human beings, dressed in white scrubs lined with red. Each of the individuals doesn't seem to say anything no matter who speaks to them, but does seem to possess a pendant with all colors present in it. Because of the unexpected nature of this sudden change, it will take approximately three days before they appear for the first body so please keep that in mind if you plan on having the next non-drop character death.

If followed or seen, characters will be able to find them being taken to the Bay. A chamber in the Bay opens up and they go in. If they are followed, the character will run into a barrier similar to the ones that surround each of the cities. After the initial first death, it will only take about 6 hours for these scrub-glad people to appear and take the body away. They will only appear during the event of deaths, however, so any attempts to make them appear will depend on player decisions as will follow-up plots along this line. Please keep mods informed of anything your characters do out of the ordinary to try to interact with them from here on out, while remembering that they only appear when someone dies.

At that point, the character will see nothing but white, and will be required to sacrifice something important to them in order to receive a rejuvenated body and return to the city (they will wake up in one of the hospitals). If they refuse, the character is dropped from the game. The character themselves chooses the sacrifice as an IC decision. Genessia will not take anything without their permission.

My character died in canon and I want them to wake up here. Do I still need to have them pay a price to be revived?
No. Your character can wake up in the Bay either fully recovered, with their injuries healed to the point that they are not in a life-threatening situation, or you can have them dying and needing to call for help via the communicator. If you do that and have your character die after arriving, however, they will need to sacrifice something to be revived as they died within the world of Genessia.

When a character dies, does their network device respawn with them, and if so is it the same with all the history or does it reset?
The network device will be with them when they're revived unless it was damaged in the death event. For example: If the character drowned and their device got soaked, they have to buy a new one. The character's "account" is hooked to it though, so upon activating the new device, it will automatically upload the data much like a present-day cell phone does.

What sorts of things can a character sacrifice?
Anything, as long as it holds some importance to the character. It can be a memory, a personal belonging, a skill, an ability, etc. Please note that you can't give up something the character wouldn't mind getting rid of (such as memories of a disliked rival or villain), or something that can easily be replaced.

Is it possible for a character to regain something they sacrificed?
Yes, however there is only one method which is to gather four charms and make a wish.

Do characters collect scars in-game and what happens to those scars when they die?
You can have your character keep their scars and that would be the typical case, but if you would like your character to lose a game-gained scar, it may be repaired or visibly decreased during the revival process. This will only work for game-gained scars, not canon-gained scars. If your character needs/wants to get rid of a scar, there are healers in game that can likely assist with that and Nova City's technology is impressive enough to fix cosmetic damage- they don't need to die to get rid of scars if that's what the character wants. If a character dies and you want them to have a scar to remember it by, that's fine, though it will only be at the point where they died. (So if they're shot, there'll be a bullet scar if you'd like.) However, if their bodies are damaged too significantly for recovery they'll be refreshed entirely (so if they're burned to death, they won't have burn scars all over their body and any other scars they gained in game might disappear as well).
Genessia Mods
24 May 2017 @ 07:55 pm
What is a Charm Quest?
A charm quest is essentially a small event in which characters participate and can receive a reward for doing so extremely well. Many charm quests will have multiple winners, though some will only have one or two. The point of charm quests is to gather charms, which can be exchanged for wishes.

What do the charms look like?
Charms appear to be very literal charms that fit on the chain of the pendant each character receives. There are four spots for charms on the pendant's chain. Each charm will take the shape of something relating to the event they are relating to. For example, if a character received a charm in the Nova City Shut Down event, since it dealt with electricity, the character would receive a small lightning bolt shaped charm. It emits a faint warmth upon touch and when four charms are connected to the necklace, it will glow dimly the same color as the owner's pendant. When the charms glow, that means they are ready to be traded in for a wish. Each charm connects to the necklace and can only be removed by the owner of the pendant it is connected to.

How many charms does my character need to make a wish and do they need to be different kinds?
Your character needs four charms to make a wish, but they do not have to all be different charms. If all four are different charms, your character has no limit on their wishes other than what is listed in the "What can my character not wish for?" section. If you use multiples of the same charm, there may be limitations to its capabilities. For example, using 4 Attleton charms would make it impossible to ask for magic as a wish. Using two Fayren and two Nova City would have trouble bringing mundane items to the world like photographs or pets. Having 4 different charms would give you the most power with wishes. If you are unsure, please ask a moderator.

What can my character wish for?
Just about anything. Possessions from their home world, large pets, memories or anything they sacrificed to either open an archway or revive from death, a new pony, a piece of chocolate-- it's up to the character, as long as it isn't listed just below in the "What can my character not wish for?" section.

What can my character not wish for?
You can't wish for charms, nor can you wish for anything that the central force behind Genessia does not want you to have, though such things are few and far between. Wishing for a city to be destroyed or the planet to blow up isn't going to happen; neither is wishing for people to no longer arrive or depart. Any of these things will be met with a flat and IC 'No. Pick something else.' OOCly, don't wish for anything that would affect another player's character unless you have their OOC permission to do so. Even if you have IC motivation, you still MUST have the player's express consent. You also can't wish for more wishes. All wishes must be approved by a moderator before they can be ICly enacted. You also cannot wish to open archways that do not belong to your character's canon.

My character gave up a memory, how can they wish for something they don't remember having?
The character might not retain the memory any longer, but they will be aware that they gave up something important. They just have to wish to regain that something, nebulous as it might be.

How do I make a wish?
Events will be held that will offer a prize of at least one charm from one of the four outlying cities. Other prizes, such as money or items, may also be awarded to runners-up. By collecting one full set of charms, the set may be exchanged for one wish. The event varies: it may be a contest, a trial to see who best embodies a desired quality or trait, or a charm might even be given to someone who performs a great service. The terms of winning a charm may or may not be stated explicitly -- the only way to have a decent shot is to participate in the event. Player-run events may also yield charms if the player running the event requests it from a moderator and the chances of winning during the event are open to everyone, not just a small group of characters.

Can my character give charms to another character?
Charms do not transfer from player to player of the same character upon drop. (Ex: Player Bella plays Emma Swan and gets a Fayren Charm, then drops. When Player Nomad4Lyfe picks up Emma Swan, Nomad4Lyfe's Emma does not have a Fayren Charm. Additionally, charms can also not be transferred from character to character if they have the same player or be given from Character A (player 1) to Character B (player 2) then to Character C (player 1 again). Not cool, follow the rules and stop trying to find loopholes. However, if your character just wants to give it as a gift to another character in the game, that's totally acceptable. It's theirs to do with as they wish. This also means that they can be stolen, so please be careful with your charms!

What if I don't want my character to participate in an event?
All events (and charm quests) are completely optional. If a player-run event takes up an entire archway, it needs to be run by the moderators with available opt-out options because it will inevitably affect a large number of players. If there's an "everyone turns into a puppy omfg" event, it's entirely possible that your character got skipped for unspecified reasons. If you need an IC excuse, then being in a subarchway or the Bay or any other mystical place may or may not have provided event protection when the changes took effect.

Who has charms?
Check it out.

My character has four charms. How do I claim a wish for them?
Reply here after verifying that all of your charms are listed on the spreadsheet. If your charms are not on the spreadsheet (perhaps you didn't claim them when the spreadsheet came up or maybe a mod screwed up, it's entirely possible- both you and I are human beings we make mistakes), you'll need to include links to the charm events your character received a charm from in order to receive the wish.
Genessia Mods
24 May 2017 @ 07:56 pm
How does money work in Genessia?
The monetary system in Genessia consists of a currency called Red Bills. There are varying denominations of this bill and for the sake of the OOC portions of the game like the employment and housing pages, we use pay levels indicated with asterisks (*) to show how much a person would make from a job. It makes the math easier. There is more information about the conversion values here so you can know how much the pay levels are worth and have a starting-point if you want to know how much money your character is spending. The post is in USD, so you may need to convert USD to your currency before converting to red bills.

How does my character apply for a job?
ICly, they go to the job center and fill out an application. The applications are fairly simple, requesting little more than a name and previous qualifications. If they're qualified, bam, they have the job! The exception to this guideline are City Guardians: there can only be five total - one for each city - which is a position that must be won by election. The application for a City Guardian is a little more complex, and takes two weeks to process in order to allow for any other characters competing for the job if it is not an election period.

OOCly, you need to comment to THIS POST by following the instructions listed.

If my character has a house, then loses housemates and/or gets a lower-income job, do they lose their house?
After the first two months from the initial purchase, the character's income level must still cover at least half of the stars required each month for bills/window repairs/general needs. For the first two months, however, the employment level MUST be met the entire time, regardless of how high above the star level the household goes. If this requirement has been met, a $ will be listed after the household's name on the housing list. With mansions, you must maintain full stars for at least 6 months. This does not apply for apartments.

I play a child character and they have no one to take care of them. Is there a local area where Guardians are present?
There aren't any mod-run NPCs who take on guardian roles for kids. However, other players may have characters that will do just that, or you can choose to NPC a person in town to help them out for purposes of getting settled.

The job I want for my character isn't listed and I don't want them to start a business. Help!
You don't have to start a business, just comment the employment page with the form and make up a name for a business (or if it already exists in game but isn't on the employment page,
it's probably because we were trying to save space). Feel free to have your character do any job they please.
Genessia Mods
24 May 2017 @ 07:56 pm
What's a City Guardian?
A City Guardian is a special position that must be earned both ICly and OOCly. This character is in charge of protecting a city from threats, both internal and external, and keeping the peace. Note that morality has nothing to do with it; an antagonist can be a City Guardian the same as a protagonist can. A nomination and campaign period will last 1.5 to 2 weeks during which any character that ICly demonstrates his or her willingness to take on such a role will be considered. This will be followed by an OOC poll to determine which character should receive the job (assuming any others wish to run). If only one character/player is interested for the City Guardian position in a specific city, a poll will not be necessary and the character will win the election by default.

Elections will be held in June and December. If the player of a City Guardian drops and there are 3 months or more left, an emergency election may be held. If there are less than 3 months, a Deputy Guardian may take over duties temporarily until the next election.

OOCly, a City Guardian is expected to be at least moderately active due to their higher level of involvement with the city, and is expected to make at least one post to the IC community every other month, preferably more frequently than that, and still comment other characters in between. Failure to do so may result in a loss of the job, which will be offered to the public once more. A city guardian should select at least one additional officer called a "Deputy Guardian" to support them though a maximum of two will be paid for by the city; a poll is not necessary for these assistant positions, as anyone may apply ICly for the job and the guardian is responsible for deciding who to accept and who to reject. Please also note a few additional guidelines regarding elections for City Guardians:
    •If a City Guardian candidate does not participate in any part of the election process beyond declaring that they are running, their name will be removed from the polls. Moderators will check before the poll is posted to confirm.
    •If for whatever reason a candidate is declared the winner of the poll and then decides to drop or concede, the next runner up will be named as long as it is within 2 weeks of the poll's close.
    •If no candidate runs for a position, the current City Guardian will be asked to continue their position until the next election regardless of term limits if they are set. If the current City Guardian declines, the position will be offered to their first hired, currently working deputy, then to their second deputy. If all parties decline, the election nomination process will be reopened solely for the city in question.
How does the Genessia criminal justice system work? Like, do the subarchways have their own systems or is it all central? Do they have the death penalty?
Each archway has its own system! The City Guardian has lead authority over the whole system and is welcome to make changes and use the local authorities as they see fit. Should the Guardian choose to make changes, simply notify a moderator to have this section updated.

Genessia: Lead entirely by the City Guardian. There is currently a police force and jail, in addition to a superpowered jail for high priority and supernaturally dangerous criminals. Officers will enforce the law under the directive of the City Guardian. Whether the Death Penalty is allowed or not is up to the current Guardian. Currently, Genessia's Guardian is also in possession of a max security prison capable of holding even the most powered of people if they can be captured first. City Guardian Haller also possesses a limited number of weapons that have been bound with spirits that are capable of destroying empty spirits during events, accessible using rocket lockers obtained from the Beacon Academy subarchway before it was shut down.

Attleton: This is a Citizen's Arrest! Attleton is largely run by the Neighborhood Watch, which is probably why there's a lot of street crime, but there isn't much in the way of a real police force here. NPC citizens will definitely come try to interfere if they can. Capital punishment is not legal in Attleton.

Everglade: Think old fashioned Scotland Yard-style police force. They will look for evidence, but since there's a lot of mystical stuff here, it's a little difficult sometimes. They may also consult psychics for testimony and mediums to ask the dead to give their testimony in court. As of City Guardian Theodore Satchel's term, divination and contacting the dead are not admissible as court evidence. Death penalty may be decided upon in court, but it's unlikely and only after a loooong jail sentence. Unfortunately, they don't have a 'Sherlock' so unless the City Guardian is busy, most of the large cases are left to the City Guardian's discretion or bounty hunters. When City Guardian Ted took the office, all necromancy was banned. All laws regarding necromancy and divination have been retracted as of Fai D. Fluorite's term. For a time, the City Guardian's office only has jurisdiction over matters of enforcing justice. The mayor was under the thrall of Dracula and a curfew has been instated to give the creatures of the night full reign once the sun goes down, overhauling legal rights of all humans during that time. However, something seems to have happened and the mayor since retracted this rule, stated that the only reason it was acceptable to hunt was for food or kill in self-defense, and released all of the criminals. City Guardian Fluorite and a group known as the Everglade Rangers have been working to return the city to a stabilized state, but tensions between humans and creatures of the night still remain rocky.

Fayren: Knights and guards focus on defending more important areas/objects/events and will step in if they see something going on in front of them, but overall? It's the City Guardian's job to protect the citizens themselves. There is a court if a person is caught, but it isn't exactly fair and most of the evidence is based on hearsay, rather than actual quantifiable data. There's no set standard for punishment, so depending on who you pissed off, it could be anything from being put in the stocks for a day to being executed by hanging or other mideval-style death. City Guardians may suggest punishments, however, and these suggestions are typically yielded to unless the person your character pissed off specifically was in the courts or royalty. As of April 2016, Fayren is patrolled by significant numbers of animated puppets that look like little girls controlled by Alice Margatroid on behalf of former City Guardian Satori Komeiji.

Nova City: Robopolice force in addition to whatever force the City Guardian brings. Nova City is fairly self-sustaining when it comes to local authorities, many of the security in the area being mechanical in nature. There are, of course, plenty of criminals that find ways around this. It's never a dull job, and if you've got a know-how with tech, it could definitely give you the edge in Nova City. Capital punishment is currently outlawed in Nova City. However, if a security/police robot catches you in the act, they will attempt to stop you and do not typically hold back those resisting arrest. As of September 2016, Nova City requires bounty hunters to hold a license and has six deputies (four privately funded). The city is also broken up into security sectors to improve safety.

There are bounties in the newspaper. What's the deal with them?
Bounties are tasks your character can complete that count as bonuses to your character's income that last for a while depending on how big of a bounty it is. Basically, add an extra star onto your character's income as a "boost" for a temporary time. (Information about income is available on the employment page.) A bounty's worth will be listed in levels 1, 2, 3 or 4 and last for the corresponding months that the boost lasts.* This system will make it easier to understand monetarily so that it matches the current income/pricing system we have in the rest of the game.

A player will be allowed to OOC claim bounties and handwave most of them, but for every 3 claims they need to have at least 1 log posted. To claim a bounty, reply to the most current newspaper post that it was listed in. This needs to be done whether a log is attached or not.

*Additional bounties are available on the Beacon Bounty Boards located in each city. More information is available here, as well as information as to how to register as a professional bounty hunter with the Board.
Genessia Mods
24 May 2017 @ 07:57 pm
I want to canon update my character. How do I do this?
Your character must ICly go to the Dream Dock. They will sleep for 3 days and regain memories of their time there. This can also work for "game updates" if they are a game-port character and, more recently, to update characters' memories to include in-canon alternate universes and multiple CRAUs at the same time upon moderator approval. To get moderator approval and read more about this option, click here.

What if my character dies or is injured during their canon update and I want them to have the injury?
Because the character is dreaming, they should normally not sustain injuries or die from being at the Dream Dock. However, if your character loses an arm during a canon update (especially if you play from an ongoing canon) and you would like your character to not have that arm, you have the option of your character waking up with the injury healed to the best extent that it can. That means you won't be bleeding out, but your stump may be healed over. The Dream Dock technicians will explain that the organic replica that had been previously attached to your character to make their life easier malfunctioned during their dream state and had to be removed and they are now blind, armless, missing a kidney or if it was a fatal injury and your character died during the canon update, there may be an optional scar but but the injury is no longer present. Again, this is an option and not required.

Can I update my character's CRAU memories as if it were a canon update?
If you are currently playing a character in a game and game-import them into Genessia, yes. It would be the same process as a canon update.
Genessia Mods
24 May 2017 @ 07:58 pm
How does my character ICly request anything?
Each character's communication device contains a contact link with the CPU of Genessia City, which can convey requests for additional amenities, buildings, subarchways, jobs, etc. A character need simply ask for what they desire (although the CPU may decline a request). Information is also ICly available from a player character-run company called Schnee Company or by posting and making a request to other characters.

What the hell is up with that Paperboy?
The Paperboy is a way to keep tabs on what's happening in the game, usually through sarcastic articles and weather reports. It costs two dollars a month to subscribe -- just idly wishing you had a newspaper or a way to refer to a news source in any way is enough to get you signed up on the list. At the top of each newspaper delivery post is a list of people randomly selected to (possibly) have their windows broken by a flung newspaper. If you do not wish this to affect your character, you are welcome to ignore your character's name being listed.

Can I kill the Paperboy?
Sure, you sick psychopathic child murderer. He can also be killed by sprinklers. But he always comes back, and he'll probably charge you extra for killing him.

My character broke their communicator. Will it fix itself?
No, you have to pay for new ones out of pocket. Communicators are sold in both Genessia City and Nova City.

Can my character bring their Pokemon from their previous game or canon?
Pokeballs are small enough to fit on your character, so go for it.

Can we have another Pokemon event?
Not if you keep asking about it. We've had quite a few already so we'll see.

My character had to have some kind of surgery while in the game. What are the recovery and rehabilitation details?
It will take the same as in real world / relative canon unless she received help from other worlds' healing methods- of which there are plenty in Genessia, whether it be through technology, magic, bending, or some other form of healing from other worlds. Nova City also has much more advanced medical technology than the other areas, so it really depends on where the medical procedure takes place.

Are there video games, TV shows, movies, etc. available in game?
Sure thing! Just be aware of 4th wall rules.