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The Plot So Far

For many months, Genessia and its neighboring cities remained fairly isolated. A number of events caused both trouble and fun, from both the world itself and the people who came through the Bay to become citizens of Genessia's cities.

Strange occurrences started happening, whether they were strange messages in the newspapers or odd weather patterns. Power fluxes from these culminated in the temporary relocation of the Bay, which left behind traces of memories found to be those of its residents in its wake. When it moved back, attached was a new gateway that needs to be unlocked by a series of pendants much like the ones each resident is given upon arrival. These pendants, however, are Key Pendants from each of the areas they are from.

The first key pendant arrived in Nova City, causing a rather unfortunate power outage when it was jammed in the city's power source. Thanks to a team composed of David Haller, Tepet Ejava, Adeline, Satsuki Kiryuin, Koishi Komeiji, Zoisite, Midboss, and Chihiro Fujisaki the city's power was recovered and safety was restored. David Haller currently possesses the Nova City Key Pendant.

Things returned to normalcy for some time after that until just after the City Guardian election cycle in June 2015. Just before the new guardians could take office, corrupted spirit-like creatures forced a crack into Genessia's protective barrier and broke through Everglade's. These spirits had gotten into the barrier before in a different way, but it seems as though this time they weren't bothering with knocking.

Dracula, Lucy Heartfilia, and Natsu Dragneel happened upon the spirits of Genessia and Everglade in the midst of the chaos. Unfortunately, Dracula's nature did not lead to him helping Everglade's spirit, who upholds the barriers in all of the cities, and instead he attempted to capture him. The fissure in the sky further cracks, allowing more of the corrupted spirits within the barrier. Lucy Heartfilia had to temporarily bind with Genessia's spirit, whose abilities were in charge of the life, death, and rebirth cycles within the walls of Genessia. They also learned that Everglade's spirit was the one who upheld the barriers, using the fear generated by Everglade's very nature to create something to protect the people within Genessia. She, Natsu, and Genessia's spirit free Everglade's spirit from Dracula and head to the Bay to heal Everglade's spirit and share what they've learned with the other residents of Genessia.

To fix the barrier, it was necessary to offer a sacrifice. In the same way that an archway was born or death was forgiven, something of import needed to be given away. The damage to the barrier was too extensive; without multiple sacrifices, it would be impossible to clear the empty spirits away from the crack and repair it now that Everglade's spirit was healed. David Haller, Koishi Komeiji, Levy McGarden, Porrim Maryam, Satsuki Kiryuin, Spirit Albarn, Theodore Satchel, and Yuna offered themselves tribute and headed to Fayren's Cloister of Trials. There they were tested to see if they were strong enough to handle themselves, let alone the information they acquired. After passing, their sacrifices were used to dispel the empty spirits and Everglade managed to repair the barrier. These eight were granted the answer to one question each and with that, learned some secrets of the world. There were still some spirits in the barrier, but once they were eliminated, no more took their place.

As Natsu returned home from assisting on his journey, a mysterious stranger bumped into him, dropping Everglade's Pendant Key. The stranger had a pendant of his own, but it was different from any of the pendants within Genessia's walls; all five colors were present in its stone. The stranger fled, crossing the barrier with ease.

In the aftermath, people began to research ways to potentially combat future breaches. City Guardian David Haller worked with those who had captured some of the spirits to bind them to weapons. Necromancy was banned within the walls of Everglade for some time, resulting in discontent. Member of the Genessia Scientific Research Foundation Pascal discovered information from testing fragments of the barrier from the breach and the Bay's waters, discovering that they are organic material often found present in many lifeforms- those in the barrier being similar to neurotransmitters found in the limbic system of the brain and the Bay having high amounts of muscle-activating chemicals such as acetylcholine. Another member Olivia Moore used forensic age-determination techniques to determine that blood samples showed similarities to results that would be expected of children ages 0-10.

Time passed and yet again, whatever mechanism was used to uphold Genessia was found flawed. A fissure had formed in Genessia City that was causing mass spacial disruptions needed to be fixed by finding shards. Teams of residences took to finding the shards and repairing the fracture piece by piece. The Fachan, the creature only known as νόστος, and a mysterious Labyrinth were conquered to retrieve these fragments. Amongst them within the walls of the labyrinth, Ronan O'Connor recovered the Fayren key pendant. After Ronan left this world, the Fayren key pendant was passed on to David Haller.

Everglade continued to experience discontent, however. Though Theodore Satchel's laws against necromancy were repealed, the table was already set for tensions to rise between humans and non-humans in Everglade. A divide that had been unprecedented before then gave rise to non-human and undead rights groups, eventually resulting in the election of Grell Sutcliff, who lead the extraction of human influence from Everglade with surprising support and extreme opposition from more vocal minorities.

It seems like few have noticed the increased barrier output and a sudden increase in solid bodies after death. Everglade's key pendant has been passed to Satsuki Kiryuin upon Natsu's departure from Genessia, but it appears that for now, most of the world's attentions are focused on Everglade itself, for better or worse.

Citizens and City Guardians work endlessly to attempt to keep their cities safe from threats such as the Hands of Decay, the Children of Elo, The Red Claw, the hands of their fellow residents, and other dangers, but the search for answers continues nonetheless. As the new year reigns in new City Guardians and new dangers, what will Genessia be in for next?