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CRAU and AU Memory Gains Application

If you are bringing in a new character and would like your character to have memories of consecutive import games, you do not need permission to do this. A consecutive import game is where you imported from Game 1 to Game 2, then are importing from Game 2 into Genessia with memories from both Game 1 and Game 2. This post is for players to apply for memories from separate "universes" of character memories.

What are separate universes of character memories? This is where your character may remember a 'main timeline' (their canon timeline), a game (first CRAU) and then would be able to gain memories of another game they were in regardless of whether they imported into that game at any point. Example: If your character was in Holly Heights and also in Tanagura, but never as CRAU your character could gain headache-inducing conflicting memories! This would also apply for canons that have multiple routes or alternate universes that exist within canon.

The reason that we require players to apply by replying to this screened post with a short application is because while it does work within the game's plotline, this option may drastically affect a character's personality or relationships within the game. Do not apply for this option without talking it over with any castmates that you have as this may change relationships within the game. We are not likely to grant permission unless your character has been in the game for a while and has settled in.

How will it work ICly?
Your character will still need to go to the Dream Docks. It will be considered the same as a canon update. However, if you change your mind you will still have to find IC means by which to get rid of the memories or restart your character's memories altogether. Because this is a special-permissions option, we are not going to leave it open to flippant retconning left and right. If this were to happen, your character would go into the Dream Docks as they normally would, but something would go wrong partway through the process and cost your character an extra day to wake up on top of the minimum. When they do awake, the Dream Dock staff will apologize and put them through rigorous check-ups, but ultimately let them go.

How do I apply?
Fill out the following form and reply to this post! All replies to this post are screened, though if you have castmates we will confirm with them that you talked it over with them to make sure all procedures have been followed.

If you would like to do this process before a specific date, please submit the request at least two weeks in advance. We are not saying that it will take two weeks for a moderator to get to the request- but just in case we don't get to it right away, you want to make sure that there's plenty of leeway for whatever you're hoping to have it done by. Remember, it takes 4 days in the dream docks to do this option on top of moderator approval time.