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FAQ - Canon Updating / The Dream Docks

I want to canon update my character. How do I do this?
Your character must ICly go to the Dream Dock. They will sleep for 3 days and regain memories of their time there. This can also work for "game updates" if they are a game-port character and, more recently, to update characters' memories to include in-canon alternate universes and multiple CRAUs at the same time upon moderator approval. To get moderator approval and read more about this option, click here.

What if my character dies or is injured during their canon update and I want them to have the injury?
Because the character is dreaming, they should normally not sustain injuries or die from being at the Dream Dock. However, if your character loses an arm during a canon update (especially if you play from an ongoing canon) and you would like your character to not have that arm, you have the option of your character waking up with the injury healed to the best extent that it can. That means you won't be bleeding out, but your stump may be healed over. The Dream Dock technicians will explain that the organic replica that had been previously attached to your character to make their life easier malfunctioned during their dream state and had to be removed and they are now blind, armless, missing a kidney or if it was a fatal injury and your character died during the canon update, there may be an optional scar but but the injury is no longer present. Again, this is an option and not required.

Can I update my character's CRAU memories as if it were a canon update?
If you are currently playing a character in a game and game-import them into Genessia, yes. It would be the same process as a canon update.