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City Layout
Genessia City's technology is fairly reminiscent of a modern big city, with two trains that run in a square (one clockwise, one counter-clockwise) around the city proper. Most buildings are fairly small, however, and despite being called a 'city', it lacks the cramped feeling that most cities tend to have. Businesses and residences are spaced apart, and seemingly scattered in no real order, save for The Bay located directly in the city center. The streets are paved and free of potholes, and there's plenty of greenery to be seen in the grass, the neatly-pruned trees that line the streets, and the occasional flower basket hanging from the street lights. The streets themselves are labeled numerically from west to east (with 1st Street being the westernmost street, and 30th Street being the easternmost); and from north to south the avenues are named after trees and flowers (with Aspen Street being northernmost, and Yew Avenue being southernmost).

The East-West avenues are: Aspen, Birch, Cedar, Dogwood, Elder, Fir, Gooseberry, Hawthorn, Iris, Juniper, Kennedia, Laurel, Maple, Nettle, Oak, Pine, Quince, Rose, Sycamore, Thistle, Ulmus, Vibernum, Willow, and Yew. They run alphabetically.

All cities, including Genessia City, are populated, but those who populate these cities are extremely generic for the most part. There are both good (small families, employees, common workers) and bad (thieves, thugs, gangs), and those who lack necklaces are usually considered to be inconsequential. If they're killed or otherwise severely impacted by a character's actions, they simply return to their roles within a day or two with no memory of what transpired.

Though it seems like the city continues to stretch outward into rural obscurity, there is a near-invisible and indestructible barrier around the perimeter. It extends infinitely underground, and boxes off the top of the city about 300 yards high.

Spaced squarely in each cardinal direction are the Archways - large granite portals inscribed with unfamiliar runes that allow passage to the other four cities. A character must be wearing their necklace in order to pass into or out of one of these archways. To the north is the Archway to Nova City, where places usually seen in sci-fi settings are common. Characters possessing a necklace where the dominant color of the stones is purple are able to expand in this area. To the east is the Archway to Attleton, filled with places that may or may not have historical significance, but nothing out of the ordinary as far as curses, monsters, supernatural beings, etc. are concerned. A character with predominantly yellow-colored stones can influence this area. To the west is the Archway to Everglade, which possesses all the oddities and strangeness and frights. Characters holding a necklace where blue is the dominant stone color can expand in this region. Last, to the south, one can find the Archway to Fayren, a realm of high fantasy. If the dominant color of the necklace stones is green, a character can add portions of their world in this area.

Amagi Inn - Owner: Yukiko Amagi
While the outside of the building looks rather modern, inside has been styled to look like a traditional Japanese inn. This place is where you can come to experience what it is like. Yukiko makes sure that everyone is happy and there is a small discount for new arrivals. Located on 16th and Pine Street.

Apartment Buildings
Each apartment building is fairly similar in overall design. There are three stories to each, with six two-bedroom units on each floor. Characters may choose to inhabit any of these rooms (101-106, 201-206, and 301-306), which come furnished with beds, dishes, and linens. Housing Page.

The Matisse - Fir Ave. and 17th St.
Holly Ridge - Rose Ave. and 24th St.
Riverplace Square - Vibernum Ave. and 3rd St.
Regency Apartments - Pine Ave. and 9th St.
Sunset Summit - Birch Ave. and 11th St.
Stone Ridge - Dogwood Ave. and 16th St.
Garden Park Apartments - Iris Ave. and 4th St.
Clermont Apartments - Birch Ave. and 7th St.
Binford Garden Apartments Genessia Commons - Elder Ave. and 19th St.
Tupelo Alley - Oak Ave. and 8th St.

Atelier Iris - Owner: Ayame Sasaki
Styled in a typical Savile Row tailor shop in the facade and interior, the Atelier is built on the ground level of a townhouse with a large glass display window in the front, sampling some of Ayame's best creations. The Atelier specializes in bespoke formal wear, but she can be commissioned to make just about any kind of attire from casual dresses, everyday streetwear, to even specialized costumes (with unique fabrics that could act as bulletproof soft armor, for example).

Axiom Games - Owner: Johnny Storm
Housed in a small, repurposed and remodel out of commission warehouse lot, Axiom Games is a place for people of all ages to go to have fun. Axiom Games offers a full-fledged arcade with prizes that can be won. It also has a Mini Golf course, complete with 18 holes and various paths with different obstacles one can take. Go-Karts with their own race track for more fast paced fun and an indoor paintball arena for something exhilarating.

Bright Sky Diner
From the checkerboard flooring to the red stools to the vintage posters and pictures on the walls. Everything about this diner feels like its out of the 1930s. Many of the staff even look the part. They specialize in old-fashioned burgers, fries, and milkshakes and are generally moderately busy. The tone is very upbeat with an old time jukebox playing slightly scratchy music through the establishment. Located on Ulmos and 9th.

Cat's Eye Cafe - Owner: Fai D. Flourite
Standing outside this shop on Oak and 7th is a sign with you guessed it a kitty head with the name Cat's Eye. Upon entering you'll be greet with wooden floors and simple decoration with plenty of places to sit and chat while enjoying a nice cup of tea and food. The counter that goes off to the left is solid wood and comes with a sink for washing dishes and a counter where she can see some of the treats be made. The rest however are made or finished in the kitchen out back.

Candy Factory
A large factory building on Aspen Street, spanning 29th and 30th Avenues. Contrary to public expectation, this factory is fairly normal, and there are no Oompa Loompas running the show. Tours are given on Saturday and Sunday afternoons to children, with free samples being distributed throughout. None of the samples cause shrinking, belching, farting, or swelling up and turning into a giant blueberry. Go find your shenanigans somewhere else.

A gorgeous theater that takes up an entire city block from Laurel to Maple, 10th to 11th. There are 24 movie screens, playing films that range from current releases to old silent flicks. The lobby is old-fashioned with neatly-dressed employees to help show visitors to their seats, sell snacks and sodas, and tear ticket stubs.

Dream Dock
Located on Quince Avenue and 14th Street. This particular building seems to be a little more technologically advanced in design than the others, where characters may go to 'check up' on how their homeworld is progressing. Numerous chairs are arranged, similar to the hair dryers found in beauty shops, where a character can choose to Dream about their home world and see how events are progressing, assuming the character is still considered 'alive' in their realm (or at least continuing to exist in some fashion). Characters who are dead are unable to initiate any Dreams. Those who Dream pass an IC three days minimum in doing so, though the amount of time they view in the Dream varies significantly. OOCly, the Dream Dock serves as a way to 'canon update' one's character, or as an excuse to remain quiet while the player is on hiatus. After the Dream is complete, the character retains all knowledge their other self experienced, but may not suffer any injuries or other harm. (Read FAQ for exceptions.) After all, it's just a dream.

Located on Elder Street and 7th Avenue. The office itself is huge and empty, with little more than a secretary's desk in the middle of the room with a potted plant on either side. There's also a water cooler and three chairs along the wall. Those with access to the secret base (the location is a secret- it's actually right underneath in the basement, but it's totally secret) will find much more extravagance here, with a jet, a car, and a motorcycle with a sidecar. There's a fully-stocked wetbar, and a vending machine for the kids that doesn't require money. There's a small medical wing (which resembles your average school nurse's office), a quiet room with a comfortable leather sofa where you can get some shuteye if you're too tired to go home, and an eating area with a microwave, sink, coffeemaker, and a toaster.

Employment Building
Located at Thistle Avenue and 22nd Street. Here, a character may apply for a job, or fill out an application to open up their own business. In the case of the latter, the building will appear after 24 hours in the location that was requested if said location has not already been claimed by another citizen (for example, you couldn't put an auto garage at the same address as the library). The rate of pay for posted jobs is indicated by stars, with one star being a very low-paying job, and five stars indicating a very high-paying job. The more stars there are, the more likely the job will require advanced skills, or indicate a high degree of risk, or simply be a position in high demand. More info.

Firing Range
Located on Ulmus and 30th near the outskirts of town is an indoor firing range. Firearms can be rented or purchased here, as can rounds of ammunition, with a small flat fee for admission. There are two sections available for use: the first is a typical shared room with individual booths and paper targets; the second is a large area with moving cardboard targets to test reflexes and split-second decision making. The second area is available to only one person at a time, and costs a bit more to use.

Garden Park
This large park area takes up one city block, between 3rd and 4th Streets, and Iris and Hawthorne Avenues. Stone paths meander between tall trees, lined with wood and wrought iron benches perfect for an afternoon lunch break. An arched bridge stretches over a well-maintained pond, where ducks and goldfish are common sights. There's a playground area for the children, and the occasional crepe cart, hot dog stand, or snowcone hut can be found for an inexpensive treat.

Genessia Academy of Scholars (K-12)
Genessia Academy of Scholars is the premier public school for grades K-12 in Genessia. By having a single school, it helps students maintain their social engagements and build long-lasting foundations during their education. Facilities were recently renewed, but some areas still have the old wood desks and tables.

Genessia Center Arts Theatre
A large building with a theater stage and multi-level seating that can be modified for live performances of all kinds. In the back, there are dance studios and practice rooms for theatrical and musical performances, as well as store room for costumes. The stage schedule changes regularly. Located on Juniper and 24th.

Genessia City Police Department
The Genessia City Police Station is located at 20th and Gooseberry. The GCPD (Badge here) Police Station has three floors. It houses within it a Weapons Storage, interrogation room, officers, holding cells, essentially anything that you can expect to find in a typical police station. Security has been heavily reinforced to help with break ins or break outs. The police force is led by a Captain and the captain and police officers themselves have regular human strengths in abilities, though they have been briefed and trained on dealing with powered and non-powered beings.

Genessia Commonspace
An apartment building that newcomers to Genessia are given a key for upon arrival. It is not a fancy apartment building, the outside is painted a plain sky blue color with little furnishings. Inside are only studio apartments and a communal bathroom. See the housing page for more details about this temporary living space.

Genessia General Hospital
Located at Elder Avenue and 19th Street, close to Binford Garden Apartments. A modest two-story structure where people go to recover from illnesses and injuries. There's also an underground level featuring several laboratories, which can be rented or bought by those who dabble in such practices. It appears to be well-kept and upgraded, as it was rebuilt in Summer 2014 after being destroyed by Lucifer.

Genessia Public School
A large building on 12th and Laurel, accommodating for education from Kindergarten through 12th grade. The classes are fairly small, as there aren't many children in the city, but there's a playground, track and field, cafeteria, gymnasium, baseball diamond, and football field. Classes are held year-round, with a three-month summer break, and a two-week holiday ranging from the last week of the year to the first week of the following year.

Genessia Tribune Office
Located on Yew Avenue and 23rd Street. There's nothing particularly outstanding about this little building, but this is where the newspapers are produced. A cramped office is provided for the writers and employees, and a printing press is housed next door. Early every Saturday morning, The Paperboy gathers up all of the papers and dutifully delivers them to all of the residents of the city...whether they like it or not.

Genessia Scientific Research Foundation (GSRF) - Founder: Weiss Schnee
The Genessia Scientific Research Foundation (GSRF) is an upcoming scientific team dedicated to researching potential causes of abduction and release to-and-from the cities, the barriers, the pendants, archways, and other aspects of this world as they may be related to understanding how to go home and how to allow those who wish to stay insurance of a stable lifestyle here in Genessia. Donations always accepted, though money will not influence what is or is not studied at the foundation, it will only help the causes as stated. The laboratories are located on the corner of Nettle Ave and 27th St.

Geraldi's Pizzeria
Located at Nettle and 12th, this casual and homey restaurant offers the best pizza in the city. Pizza and calzones are the most popular items on the menu, but the pizzeria also serves breadsticks, pasta, and miniature fruit pies for dessert. Delivery is available.

Gestalt HQ
Located at 12th and Dogwood. A mansion in Genessia City with four levels. The ground floor, the second story, the basement and then the subbasement. The house was created by David Haller using his powers and the sub-basement is actually larger than the space that it takes up. More info here.

Hamete Strip Mall
Located at Willow Avenue and 9th Street. A three-level structure, with the first being a sunken level, featuring numerous clothing stores, restaurants, a salon, and other such places for specialty goods. Many of the stores are vacant, and can be claimed by a character who wishes to operate their own business.

Hangar Queen - Owned by: Gale Reinhardt
Located on Fir Avenue and 22nd Street, this is the sister location to Nova City's After Life. This nightclub has a heavy metallic Navy/Air Force theme to the interior, including the staff wearing military-style uniform. The club is open 24 hours, with the daylight hours being more akin to a typical bar while the night life brings out the atmosphere expected of a club. Hangar Queen has a moral obligation to play "Danger Zone" once every day. Employees get half off of all food and drink prices. More Information.

Hat's Off - Owned by: Jefferson
A quaint little shop located on 7th and Rose with an antique feel, Hats Off is a business dedicated to providing customers with hats handmade with seasoned workmanship to produce only the most exceptional quality. Both pre-made hats and custom orders are available.

Jack's Bar and Karaoke Club
A fairly nice nightspot not far from the Bay on Laurel and 20th, and the karaoke club is open all day. The bar is located in the middle of the room that serves all manner of drinks, and there's a kitchen that serves appetizers and sandwiches. The servers are cheerful and friendly. At night, the place is lit with glowing columns and black lights, with dance music pumped through the speakers should the karaoke stage be lacking a current singer. Private karaoke rooms are also available to rent for a small fee, allowing for groups of friends and small parties to sing badly all to themselves.

Jardin Florissant - Owner: Terra Branford
It is a basic flower shop with seeds and stemmed flowers. There are a few plotted plants but not very many. There is a small area in the back with a sink and plumbing required to take care of the plants.

Kame Game - Owner: Jeb Parmalee
Sitting in front of the plain looking shop is the sign for the store. Within the store are shelves stocks full of various games. Board games, card games if you can think of a game, odds are it will be there. Located on the corner of 24th Street and Iris Avenue!

Kusanagi and Haller (K&H) Home for Children - Owner: David Haller
The K&H Home for Children was created to give children that find themselves in Genessia a place to stay. Rent isn’t necessary for any child staying in this home, and they will even be given a weekly allowance for spending cash while they are living there. Meals will also be provided for them. There is no limit to how long they can stay. Should they wish to strike out on their own, they are allowed to. They can return to the home at any time. Responsible adult volunteers are always needed and donations are always accepted.

Located on Iris Street, just next to Garden Park Apartments. The library is an enormous warehouse-like building with four levels, containing multiple books of a variety of subjects. Literature spans from hundreds of different worlds. However, none of these books contain any members of the city as prominent fictional characters. For example, if Superman were to appear in the game, all Superman comics would automatically vanish, as if they never existed, as would all knowledge previously read by other characters, if any. (This is to prevent fourth-walling and mental complexes, as well as protecting secret identities where applicable.) A coffee shop is nestled into the corner of the first floor, where readers can relax with a hot beverage and the book of their choice. A book can be checked out for two weeks. After that point, if the book has not been returned by the character, it simply reappears on the shelf from where it was first taken.

Maran Aquisitions - Owner: Arro Caine
Located on Kennedia & 6th. A new and exciting business venture that seeks to bring to Genessia the marvels of seamlessly marrying magical and technological expertise to improve the quality of life for all, we also seek to enlighten the minds of all residents and offer classes to help improve skill sets and general knowledge to help attain higher-tiered jobs. If you do not see an opening that holds your interest, please contact Arro Caine with a position in mind; we are ever-expanding!

Medical Clinic
Located at Quince Avenue and 4th Street. A bit of an older Japanese-style building on the outside, the first floor is a medical clinic for common ailments from colds to broken bones. There's an apartment on the second floor and a garden in back.

Memoria Park
A small park located at Thistle and 8th, right next to the Shrine. Acts of aggression regardless of cause are considered illegal here as it is a place of mourning for those who have been lost from Genessia. More information.

A quaint little shop that serves the cities best cup of coffee. Do you want something you don't expect in a coffee, come right on over and discover it yourself. You can even order your own style of coffee. if you want it we try our best to make it.

The Nile - Owner: Moon Knight
Located at Cedar and 14th, The Nile used to be a theater for non-mainstream plays and musicals. It was condemned and forgotten after a fire gutted nearly half of its interior. Moon Knight has since claimed the backstage area as his secret base of operations, using it as his armory, war room, storage area, and shrine to his god Khonshu.

On the Right Track
A music store located in Genessia that sells a variety of music in vintage styles, such as casettes, CDs, and records. Though not their primary business, the owners will purchase and sell decent quality instruments from time to time. It's so named for the owner's past as a convicted felon, now turned to a passion he loves to keep him "On the Right Track." Every month the store makes a small donation to prison rehabilitation programs, such as in-prison support groups like AA/NA or educational programs. It's not much, but it's a good cause.

Pan's Grocery
Located at Thistle Avenue and 12th Street. An enormous grocery store that spans nearly an entire square block, where all kinds of mundane groceries can be purchased for a fraction of the normal cost. Those seeking more exotic fare (such as energy crystals or other odd consumable items) will have to look in one of the other cities, depending on the item in question.

PokeSpa and Daycare
Located at Gooseberry Ave. and 20th St. What was once a four bedroom house has been converted into a PokeParadise. A place for Pokemon to relax and hang out with other Pokemon. Places for them to relax, toys for them to play with and a kitchen with food stocked for them. Upstairs has been converted into an apartment for one person.

Prime Time Film & Television Studio - Owner: Dave Strider
Prime Time is a complete end-to-end production, finishing and audio facility for television and feature film. It houses a comfortable, spacious facility that focuses on the latest, greatest and sometimes intentionally horrible standards in cinematography. The studio also produces shoots, complete with crews, editorial, audio and image finishing all the way through delivery.

Princess Kaguya's Bamboo Forest - Owner: Kaguya Houraisan
Princess Kaguya's is a cozy little shop that specializes in bonsai and supplies for growing/grooming them. Kaguya typically has a number of pre-grown bonsai in a variety of styles, and also takes commissions, though she may charge more for them.

Puppy Prison
An animal shelter that holds animals from all 5 cities. It was renovated from an abandoned prison, cleaned up, and now uses the prison cells to hold animals. Older resident's comment that the prison seems a lot cleaner now that there are animals and not people in there. Despite the name, Puppy Prison holds pets of all types- dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, lizards, and even snakes. Different animals are separated into different cell blocks to prevent stress. Donations are always accepted. The majority of staff are considered Growl Guards (Low-pay interns), Puppy Police (Volunteers), or the Woof Warden (Managers). Every paper, the Puppy Prison features a picture of an adoptable sweetheart in prison garb to advertise its adoption services.

Red House Foundation, Genessia House - Non-profit
A non-profit foundation set up to serve the needs of the people by providing hot meals, a place to sleep, and educational classes to be taken at the residents' discretion. More information.

Sand Gym - Owner: Mayu Nozaki
Located at Aspen Avenue and 11th Street. A gym with the most basic equipment, which will be updated as time goes by. Temari was the previous owner and instructor, the position having passed onto Mayu Nozaki now. A day pass in the gym is worth 1/4 of a "*" daily salary. A monthly pass is worth 1/12th of a "*" monthly salary. No membership fees. The hours are from 5 am to 8 am, then it closes to be opened again from 5 pm to 10 pm. Closed every Wednesday. More Info.

Schnee Company Welcoming and Travel Services - Owner: Whitley Schnee
Located near the exit/entrance to the Bay at Oak and 16th, Schnee Company Welcoming and Travel Services provides information and services in order to help new and current residents with all their needs regarding housing, employment, basic maintenance of city events and planning, as well as travel planning and assistance with public transportation services. IC Available Information List.

Second Honnouji Academy - Headmaster: Satsuki Kiryuin
A twelve+ story school with a strong military/arena presence stationed atop a 3 story high structure similar to how the parthenon stands. Located on Hawthorne and 12th. More info.

A small and pretty Edo-style building, located on Thistle Avenue and 8th Street. A small iron fence rims the shrine building itself, with gated entrances on both sidewalks as well as behind the building itself which opens up into a park-like area with several cherry and maple trees. The shrine has an outdoor bell which can be rung to pay homage to the spirits and/or make a wish. The interior of the shrine is a quiet, almost holy sort of place, with tatami mats and a large prayer room.

Silver Squadron Security
Silver Squadron Security is a security company in Genessia City. They can be contracted to provide security for both private and public means, as well as personal. They can be hired to guard a specific person or just for general security for businesses.

Sycamore Cycles - Owner: Smoker
Specializing in automobile mechanics, particularly motorcycles and flying/cloud-riding motorcycles, and alternative fuel sources (solar, cloud powered, and able to traverse water). Can take any and all specialization requests.

Teanie Teas - Owner: Luke Triton
The little tea shop is a small squat brick building that isn't in disrepair but isn't fancy located on Thistle and 9th. There is a small array of teas and kettles--he's hoping to grow, but for now his selection is small. He makes tea frequently throughout the day and will always brew a tea for a customer if asked (and if he thinks the customer will like it, or if the tea is "too old", or if the tea doesn't "come out right" or any other hosts of "or"s.) Also, puzzles with every purchase! Or if you ask for one. Or if you walk in the door.

Thud's Gym
Located on Thistle and 5th. Despite the meathead-sounding name, the fitness facilities are very nice and up-to-date. Treadmills, bicycles, and ellipsis machines are arranged on the second floor with a two-way mirror allowing exercisers to look out at the city, but still be able to enjoy their sweaty privacy away from pedestrians. The second floor also has an indoor track, racquetball courts, and an open gym usually reserved for basketball. The first floor has numerous weight lifting machines; an indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, and sauna; private classrooms for aerobics, pilates, and yoga; and locker rooms outfitted with private shower stalls. Personal trainers are available for hire, and membership is available on a daily, monthly, or annual basis.

Velvet Lust - Owner: Tannusen
Velvet Lust is a well-known gay bar and club, open to the public only at night. A character doesn't have to be LGBT to come here, but any anti-LGBT patrons that make themselves known will be thrown right out onto the street. It's a two-story building with a large, cursive neon purple sign that reads, 'Velvet Lust'. A single thick oaken wood door leads inside. More information.

W & T Building
A building in Genessia City for people to go to to set up what they want to happen with their things should they ever leave Genessia. Messages, both recorded and written can be stored as well for dispersal upon a character’s departure. Founded by David Haller and supported by the CPU, this building is protected and any attempts to commit a crime or tamper with any of the contents of another person’s box will result in immediate criminal charges being filed.

No character has access to anything another character has placed into their box unless that character has left. Then the character that they designated to claim it will be able to access it. Otherwise their stuff is completely safe. More information here…

Weird Gate
No one is quite sure what's beyond that gate near the Bay since no one's managed to open it yet, but it's become quite the tourist spot. Speculation about what the gate is for is a great icebreaker with locals. Some rumors have spread that it leads to something called Wingate Creek.

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