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It can be a real horror story waking up in another world. Panic, loss of direction, knowing a crime had happened and that you're not where you're supposed to be. It's scary! We know. There's plenty of space for you to adjust here in Genessia, though. Different cities to cater to what you're used to, whether it be a fantasy world where you can talk to the blacksmith, the rattlings of poltergeists in the night, holographic assistance, or even just a normal town where kids play on the street corner and you can buy fresh fruit from the farmers' market. There's no need for you to be uncomfortable.

In fact, it's very comfortable for everyone. Jobs come easy, there are people who will help you find a place to stay. It's practically perfect-- but not too perfect. Heavens, no. Perfection isn't worth its weight in gold. It's the imperfections that make you such a perfect match. So enjoy your time, relax, or don't. It's up to you. Everything's up to you now, so live the life you always wanted. Miss home? Bring a piece of it to ease that pain. It's all a part of you. Because this isn't a horror show, it's a second chance for all of us.

Everyone has a part to play in the cities. Will you try to find out just what's beyond the cities and why no one can reach out without paying a price? Will you accept your role in the city as one of its strange assortment of inhabitants from across the universes? Or will you write your own part to play? Whatever your choice, good or bad, it's OK. No one's perfect.

[community profile] genessia is a panfandom, multigenre game heavily driven by player plots and character motivations with elements of slice of life and an overarching plot to be unfolded. No applications are required to join and activity is monitored by check-in and occasional moderator team tag checks (so don't forget to tag your posts and replies).


You open your eyes. It feels like you've been sleeping for so long. Your last memories are hazy at best, but slowly coming into focus. You're lying in a large cocoon of polished silver metal, lined with silk and soft padding, with the sound of lapping water all around you. It appears to be a cavern, dimly illuminated with white lights glowing in the shallow pool. There's a slight weight on your chest. It's a box. Inside is a jeweled necklace of gold and opalescent stones, what appears to be a smart phone, a key, and a pamphlet. The pamphlet states simply:

W E L C O M E   T O   G E N E S S I A

It explains the device, calling it a smart phone, with easy instructions about how to communicate via text, audio, and/or video, and how to transmit privately, and encourages you to give it a try once you leave the Bay. The necklace, it goes on further to explain, is required in order to pass from Genessia to one of the other four cities, and should be worn at all times not only to allow this transportation, but to identify the owner as 'real'. The last page has a thick manila folder, where several red bills are stacked and bound by a white ribbon. The pamphlet tells you that this is the main currency for Genessia, in order to purchase room, board, and other necessities. It encourages you to apply for a job in order to earn more.

Once you get out of that room, well... a whole new world awaits you.