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FAQ - General Game Information

General Game Information is a category that contains general questions about the game itself or questions of the OOC variety that don't really fit in other categories.

What's the point of this game?
ICly, the game is a jamjar with optional metaplot to be explored. A character who seeks only slice-of-life interaction is welcome to pursue as much, while a character who actively digs into the mysteries of the city will likely uncover answers. There are legitimate reasons as to why each person is here, where the characters go even if they get dropped, and other such strangeness. OOCly, everyone is here to have fun and roleplay characters they enjoy. This is why we take a relaxed moderation standpoint in terms of the activity check-in and no applications.

How do I know what's going on in the game?
ICly, biweekly newspapers are posted with in-game news and occasional mini-events for your characters to interact with. Additionally, an in game player-character-run company called Schnee Company provides information services that you can handwave your character calling in about here.

From an OOC standpoint, you may find it useful to check out the premise page and the Plot So Far page, both linked to in the main navigation. Additionally, whenever new events are announced, there is a pinned post on the top of the OOC comm here that mods update with current events periodically.

Settings pages may also contain cultural notes for specific areas that may have had significant in-game development that is not directly related to the plot.

Who are the moderators here?
That would be Taylor/Tay, Dave, and Lisa. You can find their contact information on the mod contact page. Previous moderators include Fae and Tamzin, who we thank for being amazing moderators in the past and will always remember fondly. Future moderators are selected based on discussion and debate between the current moderators and are not an electoral process.

I noticed there is only one IC community for the game. Do we have to use all prose, or all action in the IC community? What are the other two communities for?
The main community is a log-network combo, so you need to make sure to appropriately label your post so people know which it is. You can use either one you're more comfortable with, or both! In general, use [VIDEO], [AUDIO], and [ACTION] for bracketed posts, and [OPEN] or [CLOSED] for prose-based posts. If you would prefer to post a prose log, you can label it with WHO:, WHAT:, WHEN:, WHERE:, and WARNINGS: in the body of the post if there are any worth noting. The other two communities are the out-of-character community [community profile] genessia_ooc, which is for player communication and no RPing, and the meme community [community profile] genessiacrackers, which is for both IC and OOC memes which may be posted by both moderators and players.

Can I add my character's tag to someone else's video post, or log, if my character interacts in that post/log?
Absolutely, yes, and you always should. Moderators use tags to investigate character squatting issues. If you don't tag your posts and comments, we may not be able to find your activity and you may get a PM from the mod main account notifying you of potential character squatting problems.

This also helps players find posts with interactions between characters and allows us to quickly get a glance at whether or not a character is active or being sat on. If a person is suspected of character-sitting and still checking in without playing for multiple check-ins, moderators reserve the right to check through the tags in order to prevent character sitting. If you are believed to be character sitting, you may be contacted by the mods. Tagging each post that you reply to ensures you never put yourself at risk for this! It's a rare scenario, but it's better to make sure you tag things appropriately just to make sure. Your character tag will always be your characters full name. Dropped characters will have a ★ in front of the name. If you apply for a character that has been dropped, a moderator will update the tag to get rid of the star as soon as possible.

If your character has multiple identities, you do not have separate tags for each time they use that identity. In the case of a character like Sailor Moon, for example, the character tag will be "usagi tsukino/sailor moon." Characters with the same name are tagged with their character's name, followed by an abbreviation or identifier of which series they are from. For example: if there are multiple Robin Hood characters you might see "robin hood (disney)," "robin hood (bbc)", and "robin hood (ouat)." If the character is a canon-AU version of the character, the tag will be the character's name plus "(au)." So if you played Dr. Light from CW's The Flash from Earth 2, your tag would be "linda park (au)" UNLESS there was also a Linda Park from the comics in the game as well! In which case, the tag would be "linda park (cwflash/au)." Which sounds really complicated, but don't worry! When you comment the taken list, a mod will respond with the correct tag you should be using for your character. If it needs to change at any point, we will convert the tag and notify you of the change ASAP.

What is the time scale of the game?
Genessia is played 1:1 with real time (so if it's January RL, it's January in game). Seasons in different areas are not exactly the same as each location is based on real weather from different parts of the world, though sometimes the weather can be similar! The newspaper will have regular weather reports if you need to know what it's going to be like on given days.