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FAQ - Pendants and Spirits

What are these pendants?
A pendant is a small stone every character who is not an NPC arrives with. The only ICly known use for it is that you can only pass through to other archways if you have yours on you. You also only get one, so if someone steals yours you better get it back. They are virtually indestructible, however, so don't worry about damage.

How do I know what color my character's stone is?
The color of the character's stone is based on the genre that their series is from.
Nova City = sci-fi = red.
Attleton = general modern or slice of life = yellow.
Everglade = horror, supernatural = blue.
Fayren = fantasy, historical = green.
What if a character has multiple genres attached to the fandom source? What if none of those genres fit my character?
Then the character has multiple strong colors in their necklace stones, and may choose whichever city they like to establish their subarchways. If none of those genres fit, feel free to pick the closest-related genre. If you need help, ask a mod.

What are the Key Pendants?
Each city has a key pendant associated with it that appears to fit in a door located at the back of The Bay. There is only one for each city and they must be earned through events that demonstrate the character's ability to show key features that fit with each of the archways. So far, the following key pendants have been claimed:

Nova City: Strength, Teamwork. Claimed by David Haller.
Everglade: Empathy, Sacrifice. Claimed by Natsu, given to Satsuki Kiryuin upon drop.
Attleton: Creativity, Selfishness. Claimed by (EVENT RESULTS PENDING)
Fayren: Intellect, Determination/Competitiveness. Claimed by Ronan O'Connor, given to David Haller upon drop.
Genessia City: ??????

It is noteworthy that a pendant's owner must possess the qualities associated with each city if they wish to make use of the pendant. Otherwise, the pendant will eventually find its way into the hands of someone who has proven themselves to possess such qualities. If someone did not earn the key pendant, they may not be the right person to use it and should consider finding someone who exemplifies those qualities. The CPU will only give this information if information is requested about the key pendants.

Where does the door at the back of the Bay go that these pendants open?
You'll have to find out ICly won'tcha?

Okay so there are pendants and key pendants and spirits too and they're all city-centered. So who are the spirits?
The spirits are the ones who brought people to Genessia. They are the creators of this world, and not much is known about them. In game, a few people have had a chance to meet the spirits of Genessia City, Everglade, and Fayren.

Okay so what is known about the spirits in-game?
GENERAL: The spirits helped create Genessia. In corporeal form, they look like glowing orbs of the colors associated with their cities. Each city has its own purpose that works in conjunction with the others. The spirits were the ones who moved the Bay temporarily and placed the locked archway behind the Bay upon its return. They stated that if all of the Key Pendants are gathered by those who pass series of tests to see if they have become truly capable of stepping through that door, it will unlock and lead to a place called Wingate Creek. (Available info located in archway & subarchway FAQ.)

EVERGLADE SPIRIT: The spirit of Everglade was the first to show itself, a blue orb. It shared with Dracula/Vlad Tepes III that it is the one who creates the barriers, runs them, but it takes his own energy to do so. It utilizes the energy from fears generated within Everglade to turn it into protection from fear. The spirit must use its own energy to turn those emotions to a barrier and keep the cities safe while the other spirits, already within the cities' limits do their part to keep Genessia functional. When the barrier was badly damaged in July 2015, the Everglade spirit was severely injured and Vlad took advantage of this to try to take down the barriers entirely, but was stopped by Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia with the assistance of Genessia City's spirit. Everglade's spirit shared that the people here are not yet ready to survive outside of the barrier. (Note: The only witnesses to Vlad's actions were Lucy and Natsu, so their account is the only proof that Vlad did this outside of the spirits' themselves. Please do not go accusing the character of anything without your character having heard this information from someone else.)

GENESSIA SPIRIT: Genessia's spirit manifested itself into a corporeal form in a clinic during the barrier breach in order to find assistance to save the Everglade Spirit from Vlad. It is a pale purple orb. It approached Lucy and Natsu Dragneel and possessed Lucy so that Lucy could utilize its powers to save the Everglade Spirit. Genessia's spirit has abilities relating to life, death, and regeneration but it's not clear what exactly they are.

FAYREN SPIRIT: This spirit holds dominion over memories and the concept of self. It is the one in charge of taking sacrifices because of this. It took the sacrifices necessary to get the empty spirits away from the barrier so that the Genessia Spirit could heal the Everglade Spirit and restore the barrier. It is a green glowy orb.

ATTLETON SPIRIT: No information is known.

NOVA SPIRIT: No information is known.

What are empty spirits?
Empty spirits, sometimes called void spirits, are unnerving creatures that live outside of the barriers. There have been two occasions on which they have broken through. They appear eager, hungry. If your character gets caught, these spirits will suck your character's emotions and ability to differentiate between right and wrong out until they're an empty shell of themselves. It's basically what happens if your character touches the barrier, except they'll be awake the entire time and they won't leave anything left. You will have the option to play your character at that point basically as a soulless husk attempting to find the one thing it lacks: emotion.

There are three ways for a character to regain their emotions/morals if they are removed from them by these spirits:
    1. They must be pushed into the waters of the Bay by someone who isn't affected and the Bay waters will split the difference, then both characters will take some time to recover and may share some of the character who shared theirs' stronger emotions.

    2. Kill the character. They'll be brought back fully functional.

    3. Deep emotional bonds of love can reignite any tiny bit of emotions deeply ingrained in their soul, but this only works with bonds that were formed in-game. It can be any kind of love (romantic, platonic, friendship, family, etc.) as long as it's been developed in-game. This will trigger a slow rebuild of emotions and they may not feel much upon waking up, but they'll be themselves again with a very slow recovery.

Empty spirits can be fought, but killing them through normal means does not work. They'll be warded and retreat temporarily, but will return. Spiritual magic is the best means by which to defeat them. Everglade's magic shop has a number of stones and seals the can be used by anyone if used appropriately, though those more adept with magic will be able to seal more powerful ones. Characters who canonly have experience with exorcism or sealing will be able to do this much more easily and may still use their canon methods for doing this. The spirits can be destroyed entirely by someone with soul/spirit-based powers or weaponry. Spirits who are captured will be possibly to keep even after the end of the event.

The spirits do have a psychic presence, so if you play a telepath and they try to read their thoughts, your character will be rushed by an empty void like a black hole taking away any sense of emotions and be able to feel that all these things want is an intense need to steal sentient emotions. There's a similar feeling to a lesser extent if they try to read a character who has had their emotions drained, though the deep connections (option 3 for saving) may be sensed if this is the case, so telepathic characters may possess the ability to figure out that third option for saving affected characters.

It is known that during the first appearance of the empty spirits, there was a human figure who escaped the battle. His identity is unknown at this time, though he also appeared to have some influence over the events in Nova City that allowed Dr. Seek to split peoples' dark and light sides from each other.
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This is vaguely related to the pendant thing: having one is synonymous with being "real" within the game, right? But if a charater is a robot, some kind of soulless monster, or a ginger, would they still have proper souls/emotions, and thus be a target for the void spirits?

Basically asking what would make an ordinarily "empty" PC different from the always-empty NPCs, aside from general rules stuff like what happens when they die.