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How to Get Started

Welcome to Genessia!

Here at Genessia, we are a zero-app game. We welcome anyone here to this game and understand that sometimes, life can be busy! The only "Activity Check" you will experience is the Activity Check-In. It will occur every couple of months and will last for an entire month. All that's necessary is a comment to state your continued interest in the game. If you do not reply, you will be dropped from the game. We trust you to be responsible for your own schedule and roleplaying experience.

Sounds good? Great! You're ready to get started. Here's a step-by-step list of what to do to join us here at Genessia:

1. Read the Rules/FAQ and the Setting information. This is important and will tell you what the game is like and what is expected of you as a player.

2. Comment the Taken List with the form at the top of the page. You must do this before you will be accepted to the communities HOWEVER as soon as you comment, you can add the communities! You don't have to wait for a response from a mod. It's easier for the mods to just check that the comment is there and let you in, then edit the post later, so just go right ahead and head to step 3 after commenting on the Taken List.

3. Add the three communities: [community profile] genessia, [community profile] genessia_ooc, and [community profile] genessiacrackers. These three communities are going to be your keys to playing in Genessia.
    [community profile] genessia: The Main community. This is where the majority of roleplaying will occur! We only have one roleplaying community. This is where both logs and network posts will be, so make sure you label your posts appropriately! Posts can be labeled as video, audio/voice, text, or action. If it's a closed post, make sure to include that in your label.

    [community profile] genessia_ooc: The Out of Character community. This is where any OOC communication relevent to the game will take place. Players may introduce themselves, say goodbye (if the unfortunate event that someone needs to drop happens), make posts for plotting events or other information relevant to the game. Mod posts with information about policies, plots, or other updates will also be posted in this community. You'll want to check this community for active current events as well to make sure that your IC intro isn't conflicting with a current event. If there is an Activity Check-In active, it will be stickied to the top of this community.

    [community profile] genessiacrackers: The Meme community. This is where any memes and fun crazy things get posted. Members are welcome to post any memes they want to play out with game CR to this community, and mods may also post memes such as HMD, plotting, CR, and other related memes.

5. Add yourself to the Player Contact page once you are accepted into the communities, as it is locked to game members. Don't forget: you must update this every time you add a new character!

6. Introduce yourself in [community profile] genessia_ooc. It's always good for new players to introduce themselves to other players and helps foster good relationships with your fellow community members! It also gives you a chance to briefly introduce your character and let others know that you've added a new character to your roster if you already were a member.

7. Write and post your IC (in character) introductory/starter/arrival post in [community profile] genessia. This is where your tagging begins! While you do of course have the option of tagging others first and introducing your character officially later, most players will write a starter/IC intro post for others to approach their new character. Do whatever you think would be most IC for your character. All characters will officially wake up in "The Bay." For more information about their experience waking up, please reference the Settings Page entry for "The Bay." After your IC intro, your character is to reply to any responses you get and tag out to posts made after your character has officially set foot in Genessia. Make sure you tag any post you make or reply to with your character's full name in Western order, as mods reserve the right to check tags for activity if it is believed that you are character sitting despite checking in during Activity Check-Ins (More details in the FAQ).

8. Your character will need a job to support themselves. Head over to the employment page to officially get your character a job. If your character would like to start their own business, they will need to comment both to the employment page and the setting page to have the business added to the game's setting. This doesn't have to be done right away, but the money your character is given to start with will only last so long! There are options besides getting a job, like being a criminal or a mooch, but they're going to need to support themselves somehow!

9. Find a place for your character to live. There are many housing options available on the housing page. Your character will be provided with some money to get them started and a room at the Genessia Commons that is bare minimum and intended to be temporary housing only. Once your character gets a job, they should find their own apartment. There are various locations throughout each of the five cities. Or they can live on the streets, whatever you feel they would be most comfortable doing.

10. Have fun! Yes, this sounds like the typical "I wanted to make it an even 10" portion of the list, but it really is true. If you're not having fun, then we encourage you to think about why. If you don't feel the game is a fit for you or something is upsetting you, we'll do what we can to try to improve the experience, but you shouldn't feel obligated by anyone else to make yourself uncomfortable. Here at Genessia we support those with stressful schedules and love having fun, so let's all work together to make sure that's the case!

Now that you've read this page, you're ready to get going at Genessia. If you have any questions at all after you've read all of the available material for the game, feel free to comment the FAQ or contact a moderator to request more information! Have a great day!