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FAQ - Employment, Finances, and Housing

How does money work in Genessia?
The monetary system in Genessia consists of a currency called Red Bills. There are varying denominations of this bill and for the sake of the OOC portions of the game like the employment and housing pages, we use pay levels indicated with asterisks (*) to show how much a person would make from a job. It makes the math easier. There is more information about the conversion values here so you can know how much the pay levels are worth and have a starting-point if you want to know how much money your character is spending. The post is in USD, so you may need to convert USD to your currency before converting to red bills.

How does my character apply for a job?
ICly, they go to the job center and fill out an application. The applications are fairly simple, requesting little more than a name and previous qualifications. If they're qualified, bam, they have the job! The exception to this guideline are City Guardians: there can only be five total - one for each city - which is a position that must be won by election. The application for a City Guardian is a little more complex, and takes two weeks to process in order to allow for any other characters competing for the job if it is not an election period.

OOCly, you need to comment to THIS POST by following the instructions listed.

If my character has a house, then loses housemates and/or gets a lower-income job, do they lose their house?
After the first two months from the initial purchase, the character's income level must still cover at least half of the stars required each month for bills/window repairs/general needs. For the first two months, however, the employment level MUST be met the entire time, regardless of how high above the star level the household goes. If this requirement has been met, a $ will be listed after the household's name on the housing list. With mansions, you must maintain full stars for at least 6 months. This does not apply for apartments.

I play a child character and they have no one to take care of them. Is there a local area where Guardians are present?
There aren't any mod-run NPCs who take on guardian roles for kids. However, other players may have characters that will do just that, or you can choose to NPC a person in town to help them out for purposes of getting settled.

The job I want for my character isn't listed and I don't want them to start a business. Help!
You don't have to start a business, just comment the employment page with the form and make up a name for a business (or if it already exists in game but isn't on the employment page,
it's probably because we were trying to save space). Feel free to have your character do any job they please.